Shy is NOT coming....anymore

This is a rambling.. i wanted to tag it under 'rant' but i just remembered that i never tag my posts.. weird.. it must've something to do with my memory that switches off a odd times.. hmmm.. anyway.. let me get to the point..

I was munching on Subway food a couple of days back... i always have my sub with extra extra extra jalepenos (i can't spell that and spell check shows 'penologist' as an option!?) and no olives with an extra serving of all sauces. Why am i telling you this? I don't know.. just a piece of unwanted information.. rotfl.. actually im having a craving for a sub now.. ok ok ... lets focus again.. i was ordering my sub and i suddenly started giggling to myself. Couple of my friends who were with me gave me a quizzical look but i went on giggling, dismissing their looks wit my hand.

The giggling continued as i tasted around ten flavours of gelato before choosing 'ferrero rocher' (did i atleast get that right? yes, another piece of unwanted info.. i'm full of them today) and my friends started to get worried. But i couldn't bear to tell them the reason behind my giggles. So, i'll write them here.

I have changed alot, i told myself. I was sinfully shy a few years back. I couldn't talk to anyone new. I couldn't even look at them. My grandma used to tell one of my friends to take care of me whenever we went out and i couldn't even bargain with an auto guy! She thought i'd never be able to talk to anyone of the opposite gender. I was horribly shy. I was too self conscious and i couldn't crack a joke for nuts (hahaha.. :P do u recognize me now?). The maximum you could get out of my mouth was a 'hi', which would sound like it was coming from a 100 feet deep well.

The reason i jumped from subway to my shyness is because of a particular incident that happened few years ago. My aunt had flown down from aussie to spend a week with us. The both of us went shopping at Spencers for an entire day and at the end of it my stomach was growling so loud, even she could hear it. I'm usually ok with her, but i had my inhibitions as usual. I couldn't eat in front of her, for some reason. I thought it was rude. That was the time subway was unheard of as they had 'just' opened up their spencer's outlet.

My aunt, being from aus where subway was already popular, asked me if i wanted to try it out. I said 'ok' because i didn't know we had to 'go up to the counter and customize the order'. When we entered and she asked me to go take my order and explained to me how it worked, i freaked out! I was so shy that i didn't want to talk to that stranger behind the counter, about my order. My aunt kept pushing me towards the counter and i kept running back. How could i go talk to the guy behind the counter? He was a stranger and what would i say to him? And i'd have to talk long, since i had to customize the order and i just couldn't do that! What if he thought something about me? What if i say something wrong and he laughs? I didn't want a stranger laughing at me.
I didn't know anything about subway and i didn't want to get embarrassed in front of her either. Finally, i pulled her away from the place.

Another time, my cousin was visiting us and i took him to citi centre. He wanted to try the gelato and i, who was shy around him (since i didn't know him well) went along, deciding not to try anything there. As soon as we reached the stall, he started trying out different flavours and i stood by him, tempted as hell. He saw me looking and asked me if i wanted anything and i politely refused. He then forced me to pick a flavour.

I didn't know any of those flavours again and i was too shy to ask for a taster in front of him. I asked him to pick a flavour for me. He looked at me with absolute horror and hasn't spoken to me since then (lol.. i'm not kidding about this one). He regained his composure and again told me to taste some and choose. But i just wouldn't. I kept telling him to pick a flavour for me until he got tired of me and blatantly refused to. How could i ask that guy for a taster? What if i pronounced the flavour wrong? What would my cousin think of me?I shook my head vigorously but he finally managed to coax me into tasting a few flavours and select one. I spent the rest of the evening letting the ice cream melt and 'nibbling' at it cause i couldn't eat in front of him.. that was until he asked me..

"Are you going to finish that or what?" .. talk about being nice!

Well.. coming back to the present.. i think of how i make a fool out of myself everytime i come here because i keep making the guy add more and more jalepenos until he tells me i'm going to choke to death, keep askin for every single sauce they have and then change my mind and make him do everything all over again in the last minute. If i'm with a gang of girls, that guy might as well sit with a towel on his head.

Gelato has now become a free service for me. I make it a point to taste every single flavour and sometimes i don't even pick any. But being the nice person that i am, i always remember to thank the guy for the free tasting session before i give him a huge smile and leave the place, leaving him awe struck and full of curses.

Sighh.. how life has changed...


Chriz said...

too much of sauce.. man the toilet is gonna stink really bad...

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ chriz

i knew u'd say something like this!

mayz said...

didnt ur mom tell u not to come of all d ppl u cud b shy??? i dont believe u

btw subway n that too at spencer...u kno that is d first one even i went too...n like u even i had no idea wat to this fren of mine picked n made d whole thing for me....i'll always b thankful to her for m a subway addict now

Chriz said...

talking about subway and sausages and hamburgers, i remember that story of the guy who ate the first hotdog in his life...

he went to this eating hut and was excited to see the word HOTDOG.. he ordered for it too.. and when it was served to him.. he got totally pissed the guys there.. he created havoc there..

"why cant they give me some other part of the dog?", he said

Chriz said...

and shy! yes you are very shy.. i remember our close encounter in the battlefield...the interview stuff

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ mayz

hey i am still shy man :P u just haven't seen that side o me yet.. :P

@ chriz

romba mukyam!

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ chriz

shhh!! that is secreT!

Kitty said...

Btw whats a subway( I could only recall saidapet subway).

And as usual u till the end didn't make the crux clear. What made u get of ur shyness? (Or am I dumb to understand)

I dunno whether I am taking u correctly but if I am I want to report

Chriz said...


abuse? as in wolf abusing me? thanks bro that you came at the right time to voice for me... indha udhaviyaa marakka maatein

MultiMenon said...

the self conscious babe is turning the blog world upside down wid her humour des one,I still dun take it for granted(the shy factor)ayye..ayye.. :p

Take care sweetie..Reg to ur guY.. ;)


Thoorika said...

Shy?! Is that there in ur dictionary of life?!.. i tot sudu, sornai, rosham, maanam.. nothing like that is there .. then where will shy come from.. !!

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ chriz


@ Multi

my guy?!?!

@ thoorika

don insult ma.. i'm shy.. not like u n all

ABHISHEK SiM said...

that used to be "my" story too.

Archana said...


That used to "my" story too! Who owns the patent?!


You never spoke to guys? Adipaavi, green lie!
Seriously, will you believe me if i say i was a long sleeved salwar-only wearing,ground only see walking , humility personified , no abuse words using chamaththu ponnu in the past?Trust me!:P

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ archana

:O really? who? whre is archana?

MultiMenon said...

Iniya pongal nalvaazhthukkal.. :)