The other side of Jhankaar....

The quip we 'read 10 times' when we were 'punished'

I'm writing in after such a long time that i feel i no longer connect to this blog.... i actually thot i'd get blog going for a long time... lol.... anyway.... I couldn't write in the whole month cause i was busy with our inter-dept/collegiate culturals 'Jhankaar', the very few bearable days of an M.O.Pian's life... when practices go on in full force, fights and friendships happen, events and backdrops get into place, the seniors and juniors work together to make it a good show...

I wouldn't say we rocked... but yes, we were good in some aspects tho we missed out on few other.... alltogether, i was awesome fun and i learnt so much about people in these three weeks that i was a part of the various teams of Jhankaar...

My three important lessons from jhankaar were: First .... i learnt to bond with both my juniors n seniors which is a good thing since, till then i didn't know much about either class. Second.... i learnt to adjust with a huge bunch of people and agree to things that may not be my cuppa but for the good of the dept... I then learnt to enjoy the work with the people around me since thats what makes it all the more better...

My schedule was never ending and i had to keep shifting from one venue to the other without breaks till 8 in the night... but i enjoyed every moment of it... so i have no regrets... :)

And... i also made so many valuable friends... friends i wished i had made before... yet happy i made them now.... there was so much commotion, chaos but we learnt to help each other and get through each day, one at a time. We had disagreements, fights and there was alot of crying, teasing, laughing, weeping, joyousness, hugging, kissing.... bla bla... but what mattered to me at the end was the bonds that i made with people who worked with me.

Like when I and a certain senior A worked to build two 6 foot trees by ourselves, a girl i didn't know much about before became a companion who was with me all the time. We made jokes, discussed college, spoke about our future, worked and at the end we were extremely proud of our creation (one of which resembled a brown leaning tower of pisa!) that we showed it off to everyone. I only knew her as a senior before, but she became a close friend.

Another friend L U .... she n i became close accidently... she came home to get songs for the fashion show... and so it started... my first involvement in the fashion scenario, that i haven't done as much as even peep into before.... and that brought us together... we were in the same events and had to get to places together.. together we created costumes, backdrops, props and everything else for the fashion show... and we felt as tho we gave birth to a child... for when the event was over she came to me n said "our baby is born"... no we didn't win the event... but we were so proud of what we'd accomplished that we didn't worry about the not winning!

And not to forget the adorable juniors, sorry, friends i got from the first yrs :)... Poofy, the most adorable of the lot, to name one... hehe :)

The three action packed days of jhankaar was another journey that i was so happy to be a part of... the cheering, the shouting, the losing... winning.... everything taught me lessons... yes, i've been to countless culturals before but no cultural has taught has taught me as much as this has...

And now a week past jhankaar.... i look back and miss all the noise and chaos... and i wish i could go back to that time and live thru the practices again... It was a month to remember!

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