My blog turned 2 yesterday!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOGGIEEE (sad name... sorry dear)

May you hear my rants for many more years to come

Poetry unlimited

Hey guys,

I've started a new blog for poetry alone..

in tumblr

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Will upload my older ones there soon...

Perils of a rainy morning

6:45 - Alarm rings. Damn its dark! Must have set the alarm to 3 instead of 6. Shut up you stupid thing!! There! Now SHUT UP! Where was i? Oh yes.... as i was saying....z..z..z.z.z.z.

7:45 - What? Where's the damn phone? Why didn't it ring? WHAATTT!!?!?!??! ITS FREAKING 7 45?!?!??!?!?!?! YOU STUPID ALARM WHY DIDN'T YOU RING. Oops.. i switched it off :P Ok i have 45 minutes to get ready and reach college, which is ironically 45 minutes away.. Ahem...

8:00 - z.z..z...z...z....Z..Z..Z.. .AHHHH! I hate you sunlight!?!?! What? its 8 am!?!?!??! Omg!!!!

8:05 - Ouch!! Stupid pants.. always tripping me... i swear im going to cut you guys to size... and have nothing nice to wear for the rest of my life.... hmmm

8: 08 - Where's my coffeee!??!?! Why the hell is it in the fridge? I know i said i like cold coffee but this is ridiculous!! Dad!!!! What? You thought i was taking off? Can i? No? ok :(

8:12 - I will pay only Rs. 2o to the station? Its raining? Yeah i know its raining!! I'm not blind!! What? rains use up ur petrol? HOW THE HELL IS THAT POSSIBLE?

8:15 - Hey whre's my change? I gave u a 50. You don't have change? Well whoever said u could keep the 50... i would so love to take your 50.. gimme back the money you moron!! Yeah, i have change! Why didn't i give it earlier? Because, you moron, u nodded your head like a buffalo when i asked u if u had change..

8: 17 - Bleddy train station leaks. Omg! I think i just took an another shower!! Ugh!!!

8: 20 - *hums* Train train, come again, i missed the last one wading in ankle deep water in vain.

8: 23 - Ahh! Train... sweet mother of god!! Look at the damn crowd... hold on... HOLD ON!!!!! Excuse me miss, could you please move yourself from the damn entrance so that i can get in? Thank you...

8:30 - There... now all i have to do is go on that bridge, down that muddy lane that has flooded, turn right into another lake, wade through it and i'm done! Phew! C'mon girl..

8 : 35 - YOu!! cow!! Move!! No no, not mooooooo, MOOOVVVVEEEEEEE! Where the hell did you learn to speak?

8:38 - Stupid boy on the bike, can't you gimme a lift? Who am i ? Your mother-in-law in ur last birth.. kick it sonny!

8:45 - Don't close the gate! I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm a student!!!! What?? i'm just soaked to the bone and my legs look like they've never seen daylight. Otherwise i'm very fine.. Now quit yapping and let me in..

8:50 - I hate life. I hate this place. I hate everyone. I hate you. I hate me. I hate you rain *shows fist at rain for dramatic effect* Bleddy guy now tells me college is cancelled due to rain....

A child's dream

My 9-year-old niece wanted me to write a poem for her class on 'A child's dream'. Writing the poem was not the tough part but making it sound like a 9-yr-olds was. I couldn't use fancy poetry words :P Had to use normal english (whatever happened to poetic license? :( ) Anyway... this is what i came up with in 10 mins because that was all the time she would gimme!! Tell me if it sounds even remotely like a kid wrote it..

I look up to the sky,
How it would be to fly.
I run along a narrow stream,
But these are just mere dreams.

I see a girl in a pretty red dress,
My own dirty shirt, full of dirt, never pressed.
Night and day i work and make toys,
But i could never play with one, though i am just a 6-year-old-boy.

Someday i wish to go to school,
Where books will be my only tools.
A smile will for the first time come on my face,
The pain will vanish without a trace.