A child's dream

My 9-year-old niece wanted me to write a poem for her class on 'A child's dream'. Writing the poem was not the tough part but making it sound like a 9-yr-olds was. I couldn't use fancy poetry words :P Had to use normal english (whatever happened to poetic license? :( ) Anyway... this is what i came up with in 10 mins because that was all the time she would gimme!! Tell me if it sounds even remotely like a kid wrote it..

I look up to the sky,
How it would be to fly.
I run along a narrow stream,
But these are just mere dreams.

I see a girl in a pretty red dress,
My own dirty shirt, full of dirt, never pressed.
Night and day i work and make toys,
But i could never play with one, though i am just a 6-year-old-boy.

Someday i wish to go to school,
Where books will be my only tools.
A smile will for the first time come on my face,
The pain will vanish without a trace.


Weirdo guy said...

erm okay this isnt about the post

rememebr that 'lionel' hamster you have as your widget ??? (btw lionel is an caucasian name )

well i have a lionel for real

except its a female

and called monica !

just trying to make jealous ! :P

Elithraniel Arawion said...

its lilone not lionel

S|H|R|E|Y|A said...

itsh shooooo cuuute!!!!! the poem !! :)

archana said...

Not a bad try in 10 mins:)

swetha said...

the poem was really good and yea u did succeed in writing like a 9 yr old! ;)