Billa... A review

My saturday evening was mostly occupied watching a movie i didn't know why i watched.. BILLA....

No offense to any Ajit fan out there... i mean... yes, the guy looks really good.. and yea, he can walk... but whats the point of the whole movie? Apart from the gadgetry and style i didn't find anything meaning ful about the movie... i mean the whole movie had only one character... BILLA... how can a movie be so hero-centric? Personally, i couldn't sit thru it...

Billa... a big time don always escapes the police... and Jayprakash DGP (a chocoholic) almost always misses him... and once... both of them try to kill each other but billa dies so Velu a look alike is set up to be Billa by Jay to find out the BIG MAN behind these smuggling operations... and soon Velu comes to know what kind of a nutorious person Billa was but its too late.. he's too deep into the trap!

Yea... i know... it all sounds like a Sidney Sheldon novel.... and yeah, it has a happy ending... yawn!!! what a bore... I'll tell you... apart from the gun wielding, sun glasses wearing hero himself, there's nothing impressive about the movie...

Here's a list of plus points and the minuses.

1. Watchable just once, for Ajit's immense risk taking (stunts), his makover and exceptional ramp walking (lol.. i'm kidding... yea the guy has style!)

2. For sheer 'hollywood'-ness of the action sequences

3. Billa's car! (if ur a car buff that is!)

4. Nayanthara's new good looks.... (she really does loook good... at last!)

5. 2 songs... 'My name is billa' and 'Edhavadhu Sei'

6. The scene where velu accidently kills namita (who's role i have not yet able to fathom!) when she finds out hes not billa.. and when his accomplices come.. the way velu changes into billa

7. Santhanam's comedy (though there's not much of this! He's not been used properly)

8. The expert handling of the camera

9. Ajit's and Nayan's wardrobe


1. Excessive walking by ajit (i think he's totally walked for 2hrs in the 2:30 hr film)

2. Excessive cleavage showcase by nayanthara

3. The absurdity of Namita's role

4. The whole point of the movie

5. Nayanthara's Bikini show (yea, we know she's reduced alot of weight... but DUH!!!)

6. Nayan's horribly failed imitation of Lara Croft (Angie Jolie)

7. Prabu's chocolate/eating spree

8. The climax... i mean... dude!!!!

9. The over excessive AJIT obsession... i mean the only thing i understood about the movie was 'AJIT AJIT AJIT AJIT AJIT'... it was screaming at me... this is what they call hero worship...

10. Lack of comedy n romance (which is in d original)

Anyway.... thats all that i can cover on the movie.. like i said.. this is a personal opinion... no offense to Ajit fans...

On a scale of 10 i would rate it 7

The Unapproachable, Not!

Well... thats not exactly me... but its supposed to be a caricature right?!? Whatever... anyway.. yeah... those are my kinda people... the glasses wearing, rarely smiling, speak when spoken to kind of people who aren't approached by the 'social' bunch.

What i'm trying to say is...well... today i asked one of my friends a doubt thats been eating me up for a long time... why people in a certain place, though free with the others, don't talk to me much.. its almost as if i'm an outcast in the place... i mean... i'm not a saint but i'm a nice enough person... or so i think... and what did she say? "Maybe they think your the studious nerdy kind who s not approachable! even i thought so in the beginning!"

Whoa!!! Not all glasses wearing girls need to be nerds right? i mean.. yes i'm hopelessly shy around people, very reserved... i do my work without talking... i don't do personal stuff during work... and yes, i don't socialize much unless i get really used to the people and the place... But that again is bcoz i'm very very very shy... i can't talk to new people even when they ask me... its just there... but that really doesn't mean i'm anti-social...

I guess there are millions of us 'outcasts' in all settings... well.. all i have to say to those who misunderstand our silence is 'tough luck' cause your probably missing a very special friend in the making...

I can adjust to any kind of situation providing i'm given time... but no, i don't form impressions about people and i don't like them doing the same either. I've heard so many times how friends who 've become really close now have told me "when i first met me i thought you were this really silent person with an attitude. i never liked u much"... now there's a shocker!

Anyway... i do agree... i don't really show the crazy, funny, sarcastic and social persona outside... i do behave like i hate humanity... but i really don't... i just find a pen and a keyboard more comfortable to share jokes and be myself than through the voice... and if people looked beyond the silence and the no-nonsense person they'd find a person just as crazy as them hiding inside...

Yeah,,, i'm getting all philosophical... lol... and no it doesn't suit my PERSHONALITY.... yes i spelt that wrong on purpose... now u know what kind of a person i am :) so its time for me to cheer up n be merry to welcome the new year! :)

And here's an Ode to getting (or trying to get) over my human-hating self into a approacher friendly person :P lol... like that ll happen in the near future...

Burnt!!! Anusha can't cook PART 2

Yes thats chapati... and no i'm not taking cooking lessons... had you read my previous post you'd know that if i started taking cooking lessons people like Tarla Dalal and Sankeev Kapoor will go out of business (yes... if u guys r no more, they won't have any one to teach right?!) :P .... Anyway... this is CHAPTER 2 of... Anusha Can't cook... where i rest my case before the court... yes... I REALLY CAN'T COOK DUDE!~ I hereby submit three exhibits to prove my plea.

Exhibit A: A chapati torn into half , half burnt (which i ate on the way, so BURP! no exhibit left! hehehehe)

Exhibit B: A phulka left burning on the Tava (i shall submit it after exhibit 3)

Exhibit C: A burnt thigh.... no i can't bring pictures of this to save my self esteem....

How did i burn my thigh u ask? I'll tell you... There i was making phulkas... listening to music.... (la la la ba la da la da laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) ... i was now putting the phulka on the tava to cook... (la la la la de da de da de da)..... now on the fire to puff it up (de da dum da de daaaaaaaaaaaaa) AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! The phulka has fallen... no not to the ground... from the fire on to my 'clothed' thigh.... surprised? no... this is so Anusha... :P (ROTFL) And the place was was amazing crimson after that... i washed it... leaving the tava to burn.... yea.. i totally forgot about that.... man!!!! my cooking escapades are unforgettable.... I somehow finished the rest of the phulkas without any further damage to property or self.... and then since i wanted to tend to the burning sensation... i took a look at the wound.... and guess what i saw.... BURNT SKIN.... Yea... instead of puffing up phulkas to get soft brown spotted chapatis... i ended up wit BROWN SPOTTED SKIN!!! As for the phulkas... my dad and i managed to eat them :) !!!!!

P.S: My dad had one thing to tell me. "The only person to get burnt by a chapati in this whole world would be you....!!!" I know.... That is so Anusha!!!!!!! :P

Scene of accident come Exhibit B

Anusha can't cook! :P

Long long ago... so long ago... yes, i know how long ago... there was a show that always left me in awe.... 'Yan Can Cook!'...If u have watched that guy cook you'll know what i mean! He's simply amazing..... and yeah, i could just imagine myself throwing up an 8 course mean in my own show... that was until i tried to cook!!!!!!!! Believe me, it was a DISASTER.

Gusteau says "Anyone can cook!" (Ratatouille) but i dont think so. Really. If that movie was half true i'd be able to whip up a decent meal but i'm doomed for life! My dad is already having nightmares about my future :P (wherein i cook and he eats whereas now its the other way round! hehehe!!!)

Let me share with you my experience since teaching is close to my heart (Yeah right!)... The first time i took an effort to cook was in my grade 12 in school when my friend (an eminent chef of our school) and i tried making chocolate fudge... she had a tough time trying to teach me how to make in at my place... since i didn't know where anything was (and thats just a start!) :P ... it went on till she took the task fully into her hands and finally managed to make a decent fudge... that didn't taste very good to the both of us but our class LOVED IT! (I'm yet to know the answer to the mystery! 2 whole boxes of fudge was over in 5 minutes! that must've been some record.) ... yeah so that was my first experience.. but since i had an expert wit me.. it came off half way decent...

But.... i tried to cook on my own!!!!! ah!!! lol... actually... my form of 'trying-to-cook' is trying to make a decent side dish out of a readymade paste... which also i 'sodapified'... i tried to make Kadai Paneer (my fav. side dish)... with a ready made paste... what i didn't realise till i started mixing the paste in water n heating it was... THAT I DIDN'T HAVE ANY CAPSICUM AT HOME!!! ok.. that was only tragedy number 1.... after that i realised i forgot to add curd (u see i was on the phone! yeah, i know what ur thinking) to the paste... tragedy no. 2... then i found out that... the amt of water tht was put in the instructions was proportionate to the portions of paneer n capsicum... which i realised late... and by then... the paneer was floating on a goop of red paste.... ok thats tragedy no. 3.... the fourth tragedy of all... THE ARRIVAL OF MY FATHER INTO THE KITCHEN TO SEE WHAT I WAS DOING.... and there began the downfall of my empire in the kitchen...

I'm not saying my dad can't cook.. infact he cooks really well... i can almost never tell the difference between my dads cooking and my grandmothers (who is an AWESOME cook!) ... that said he doesn't trust me in the kitchen (who would?!).. he came in... and guess what he did? Yeah, he threw me out.. but before that... HE BURST OUT LAUGHING... lolz... ok now it seems funny to me too... but back then i was seething with rage... he had trespassed in the middle of my very important experiment (thats the only word i could call it...) .... the side dish was completely ruined... or so i thought... before my dad turned to SUPER DAD! (its a bird! its a plane! no its SUPER DAD! ... yeah lame!)... and asked me to think creative... ok so i'm creative... but certainly not as much as my dad is in the kitchen.

He thought for a minute.. then added curd and mint leaves... that thickened the goop little bit but still wasn't anywhere near edible... he then made an important decision... he took the morning sabji that was left over (cabbage) and mixed it in the mixture (am i making sense?) and VOILA! U have Kadai Cabbage! And you know what... it doesn't taste so bad! :) Thanks to SUPER DAD... who then turned ordinary dad and threw me out of the kitchen :D .... yeah, thats his territory...

And i didn't venture there on my experiments there again... for a LOOOOOONGGGGG TTIMMMEEEE!!!

P.S: I seem to tease my dad alot in my blogs dont i ? i don't get it either :(

It only takes a minute....

There have been many who have asked me "Can't you take anything seriously?" ..... Yes, I CAN. And, Yes, I DO take alot of things seriously. This is going to be my first serious entry... and hopefully its read-able.

I am basically a serious person. The heights of my crazy humor come out when i write... because i love to write... and it is only when i write that i am myself. All my happiness, my inner personality.... my true self is what i write. And i always try to add the humor element in whatever i do because i feel without humor life gets really dry.

People know me in two ways.... One class of friends know only my playful side... where i'm eternally the butt of jokes, the one with unending sarcasm, jokes pouring out of every corner, the one who can't take anything seriously (except studies, maybe)...

There used to be another class of people who used to call me 'gloomy' once upon a time (yes, me!) coz i could never smile... I was this grouch who was always lost in a separate world and thought the heavens were against me.... I wouldn't socialise... nor would i talk to my friends... i wouldn't pick up their calls... i would sit in my room, lost.... thinking of lost memories... Even now, i don't know why i used to be that way... and how i have now changed into a total extrovert who tries to make people happy....

I'm glad i've changed... though i still do have gloomy times... they only last minutes... because i'm now suffering from an inability to feel bad about anything that happens to me... I know i have to do some things in life... and i don't care about anything else... The world can crash on my head, for all i care... but i'll still go on...

This doesn't mean i've become a stone hearted person... I still feel... I still remember... But i've come past the crying and moaning.... yes, i've not had a great life... yes, i've not been a great person... yes, there have been times where i've been downright evil... but i no longer let them haunt me... because i know they no long matter in life... and i'm not able to feel sad about them... I've done so many mistakes... And i didn't learn then... it took me time to learn.... EVERYTHING... but now i'm learning... slowly still...

I thought i was a mistake.... now i'm starting to believe i came here for something... and i'm not going to return to the earth before i achieve it.... Anyway, enuf of seriousness.... thats my maximum time limit for seriousness in life... :)

Remember... it only takes a minute to lose it all... Always think twice before you act....


Rantings of a Pet'less' person (Sigh!)

This is a sign one would find outside my Pet-less home....

Yes yes.... My house is full of pet haters... No we're not inhumane... not me anyway... i have been trying to get a pet (very unsuccessfully) for the past 11 years... yes.. a record... that saga has yet to end... (sob!sob!).... Getting back to the subject... yes... the inhabitants of my home say and i quote "find it difficult to take care of one mongrel" (another name for me, of course) so they feel they don't have the time for another... but fail to realize that i too need one to keep me occupied... And so, i remain pet'less'... not that i've never had pets before.. i've had selfish gold fish and guppies that only eat and swim around the whole day.... and fail to spend time wit me... till i put in a couple of fighter fish into d tank and taught them a lesson (kidding... i'm already being haunted by the ghosts of a couple of those gold fish).... but what i've wanted since i can remember is a dog... i used to watch movies like 'lassie' and 'yeller'... fell in love with dogs.... and from there started the relentless saga of begging my dad and anyone else i could find for a puppy... especially a Golden Retriever... yes... i wanted it real bad... went to the extent of making my room a 'doggy' one... had around 100 posters of them (until a certain hag tore them apart to paint the room!!!) in ma room... so atleast i could look at them and feel like i have a dog... yes was desperate... but i haven't yet succeeded have i??
There's the dog i'll never have (yet)

I came to realise i'll never have a pet in my childhood (and teenage-hood) when a little kitten visited us couple of months back... it made its home in the engine of my dads car (much to his amusement)... and though, knowing the animal activist in me, he let me feed it, he didn't let me pet it or give it a temporary home even.... sad sad!!! ... and then the kitty went away :( and to this day i'm trying to find it back (again unsuccessfully)....

This has been going on.... with my dad promising to get me a pup if i scored well... and almost always he would just be kidding... one day... i realised this is not going to happen until i start earning myself... and i decided to challenge my insensitive father...

I told him... "when i earn, i'm going to get 10 dogs and make them stand in front of you and i'm going to make a zoo out of this house... then lets see what you do..."... yes i intend to do it also... lol... to the utter horror of my dad....

Having said that i'm happy to conclude that my dad is still haunted by the image i put forth to him few months back and has declared that he'll move out of the house if that happens... all the more space for me to get more dogs.... don't you think so?!? ;)

My home in another 6 years or so shall host this sign :)

Musings of a street dog....

Who am i you ask? I'm the one whose tail you stamp on.. the one who cannot lie peacefully on the pavements... the one who cannot cross the roads without meeting with a near-death incident and finally the one, who, because of you, goes to the pound only to be put to death sooner or later.... yes, it is i, the Street Dog... The one who is always otherwise called a 'mongrel'... It is a saddened state that we live in...but i guess we have to make do with it!... By the way.. my name is 'Nai'yan

My day starts with someone stamping on me... when i am rudely awakened from the paradise of my dreams... Then i scavenge for food and water... in a dustbin (or usually outside it), children's hands, a yummy bag of edibles in someone's hand... yes... thats how we live... its the Survival of the fittest... very rarely some animal lover or a kind soul will leave a morsel that will make my day!

Then comes the greatest challenge.. to DRINK WATER... from drains, left over droplets from thrown away bottles... rain pools... anything that has water as a component in it... more than hundreds of my kind die every year from thirst rather than from hunger... it is that hard to find water here... oh yeah, we also try to lick water from the local taps... thats when we actually taste pure, sweet water....

(There's me trying to drink from a local tap... photo courtesy British Bull Dog (he's just another mongrel who thinks he's a pedigree!))

After breakfast my favorite playtime consists of sleeping (with an eye closed), watching the goings on of the city... and how humans (like u) behave... its kind of funny to watch their reaction to me... i mean ... yes i'm not that great looking and no chick (lady dog... not chick literally) really has the hots for me (to my utter disappointment).... but you should really see the varied reactions from the people... some trod past me silently so as to not disturb me... others walk past me as if to tell others how brave they are (chuckles!), others avoid the place and step down from the pavement in disgust and.... others who run away at the sight.. :P

Some times when i'm in a naughty mood i walk about going up to them and shaking my tail in friendship... and more than half (Especially women) shriek and run away!! and some youngsters pat me and offer me a biscuit or so (which i gladly accept and offer to lick their hand at which they run away!)... yes, there are many who are allergic to me...its ok... as long as i get what i want .

My greatest nightmare is CROSSING THE ROAD.... oh boy!!! the traffic sends me reeling back to where i was... i spend an hour a day try to cross twice... man!!!!! i wonder how you humans cross the roads... i can't .. i tell u... they must appoint a K9 traffic police that can allow 'pooch crossing'... its not fair that only zabra's have it... and they don't even stay in the city!!!!

In the evenings i go near temples and marriage halls where loads of left over food and offerings are dumped... and where few of my friends and i feast... which makes for tea and early dinner... after which i retire to a slightly dark place.... and lay down to rest afresh for another day...

People ask me... have i even bit anyone... not really.. i mean, we're not mad to bite unless you try to want me to bite u.. i mean when you stick your hand between my teeth, how can i not bite you? you're just asking for it......

And oh yeah... you can send me your feed back... to 98-49-1-pooch

One day in the life of..... A tender coconut vendor

Crazy as it may seem... what would it be like to be one of Chennai's coconut vvendors, littering the streets, racing against time and comeptition... right now taking technology to the latest by doing a home delivery (with the help of a mobile phone) and door-to-door service.... yes, one's life can never be complete without having a tender coconut atleast once a month... here's what goes through (presumably ) their mind...

Another day.... hopefully today's business goes good... its 5 a.m... have to wake myself up and tidy up the place and set those darn coconuts in line... someday i'm going to go nuts and join them!! I'm most sure of it... YAWN!!! I'm most sleepy... i only went to bed last night after midnight.. its not fair that i have to work all 7 days of the week for more than 13 hours and i still have just enough for that day's meal.

What!! My lazy wife is still asleep.. I go and sweat all day and night and here this creature knows nothing but to spend my money and here she snores like a bore!!! "Wake up you wretched woman!!! Go make me some coffee and tiffen, i need to leave for work"... Ah!! She's woken up... One kick on her back and she'll.... shhhh!! Someone may hear me and book me on a sexual harassment case... Oh i love my wife so much... i don't know what i'd do without her (or with her, for that matter!)... Ahh!! Hot Steaming coffee... There that woman complains about not having enough money to buy more coffee powder.. She never has enough money!!!! I must escape before she goes on...

Business is about to begin.... I'm sitting.... its HOT... i'm sitting.... and sitting.... and sitting.... and sitting.... zzzzZZZZ!!! Uh! A customer!! "Sir, i'm not asleep. Just resting my eyes. I heard from a yogi that closing your eyes can vitalize your senses. How many? Only one!?!? Its only Rs.10 sir. Buy one for the lovely lady (please!) also. No? Alright. Take it. cutting the coconut (wish i could cut his head off.. whats the use of only one coconut!!!! he can afford more!)... Here sir... You're cancelling it? But i cut it sir. You don't want. Ok thank you (not!! Go hit your head somewhere!!!)

Sitting... sitting... sitting.... Hey!! You dog!!! don't steal that coconut... awww he's looking at me with his doggy eyes.. ok you can have this bit.... HEY!!!! YOU NASTY PIECE OF DUNG!!! YOU STOLE THE WHOLE THING!!! DON'T RUN!!!!!

Sitting.... sitting... sitting.... "Sister whats the time??" Hey why you walking off?!?! I'm not going to rape you am i? I just want to know the time! I've already got one woman to deal with. Don't need anymore. A good man can't live peacefully these days!!!

Sitting... sitting.... sitting... sitting... sitting... sitting... sitting.... This is so boring...!!! Ah here comes a whole family!!! "How many madam?! seven!! Oh thats good. Would you like to pack one or two? No? Thats ok... its Rs.15 each. Costly? No, no. No shop is as cheap as ours!! I guarantee you that this is the standard rate now in the market. Ok madam. Instead of Rs.105, give me Rs.100.. I'm thinking of you as a sister, hence the discount. Thank you. " That ought to take care of today's food. Now to catch up on some lost sleep.

"What are you doing!?!?!? You're supposed to do business not sleep in the middle of the day!!! How will we survive if you do this?.... "bla bla bla... Oh no!! Its her!!! But why is she here? Oh, that woman must 've brought my lunch!! Dang! I should buy an alarm clock and set the alarm so as to get up before she comes. "Shut up! I know how to handle my busines... what do you know about business anyway? You only know to spend my money and eat!!! Nonsense!!! Leave the food and go. Don't get on my nerves!" Ah!! she's gone. Here comes my friend... my only regular customer. I always give her a discount because she's a student and she always leaves me an extra rupee as a tip.. Nice girl... Bless her! "Hi ma! How was your day? The usual? ok. Here it is... no no... no tips needed... oh!! thank you..." the only problem with her is that she never strikes up a conversation. A sort of shy creature. Its ok. Atleast one of my customers is nice.

Sitting.... sitting.... sitting.... Thats it!! I can't take it anymore!!! Its soooooo boring. And i've already got enough for the day.... oh here comes another lady... she's coming coming... and gone!! Stupid lady!! Why'd she come this way if she's not going to buy... cha! waste of attention... I'm going back home early tonight. Need sleep. YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodnight...

Picture Perfect

One of ma fav. pics... taken by me of course... its a tree from the Madras College of Music and Dance.. i think... took it a yr back... :P Thoorika... don't comment on this one!!!

I took this pic... find out what it is n send me your replies... :P .... correct answer gets a chocolate (and people who iv'e already told it to cannot participate!!!!!)

The flying dog....

Its a really cute picture ain't it... yes.. thats exactly how my friends dachshund pup looked when she got it 4 years ago... and it frightened the life out of another friend of mine who's not too fond of dogs... This little one, Tuffy, has always been an energetic little thing... running around to and fro... trying to bite everyone everywhere (i'm not kidding!!), licking people it liked; all over (not kidding about this either). Yes, that's Tuffy the Great.... when i was in school.... and when we left to college and my friend left to the hostel... i didn't see him at all!!

Suddenly last night, i found myself at that friends place... and guess who greeted me at the door?!? That adorable little (big for its size actually) dog.. which i once knew as a lil pup... he had grown two fold.. I have a starting problem with dogs... mostly i love them to death and for the past 12 years i've been begging my dad to let me have one... but somehow unless the dog seems friendly right away... i get phobic and panicky... due to excessive dreams about dog bites (yes yes, i know i'm crazy... again putting myself down... arrgghh!!! i must stop this!) ...
Anyway... my now pal Tuffy was sp impatient for my friend to open the front door.. that when she actually opened it he launched himself on her.... and after alot of mushy licking and loving... he turned his attention to the newcomer.... me (gulp!)

As i stood petrified... the cute (yes, even when i was scared i thought the dog was cute.. WIERD!)... DOG came smelling my foot.. and after a serious licking of my toe... put his front paws on my jeans... which meant he was ready to be petter (by me! oh what an honour!)... and i did... i played with him for a while... following which his front paws on my jeans were tickling me and i was afraid i'd fall right on him.. squishing him in the process (i'm not all that light u know :) ) My friend then somehow quietened the hyper-active flying dog (i'm not kidding... he was in the air all the time!!) and made him sit...

We sat on the sofa and he put his paws on the sofa and looked at me with those ever cute doggie blue eyes and i fell in love with the lil fella... i cuddled him for a while following which my tired hands could not cuddle him anymore.. he rested on the ground.. his head on my feet.... his fur feeling like velvet... oh how beautiful it would be like to own a dog!!! :(

Ah!! but at last.... time does not stand still and i had to leave... after taking him for a short walk (which meant taking him out to piss... with him walking me instead of the other way round!)... And as i left.. i promised myself i'd turn my house into a living zoo (of tame animals of course!) once i start earning.. in order to quench my thirst for dogs, kittens, birds, 'bunny wabbits' (tweetie style) and hamsters... (I will not grow fish.. because i still feel guilty for not taking proper care of them when i had'em :( )...

Then like Gerald Durell 's book "My family and other animals"... i shall continue with a sequel titled; "My 'family' and the rest of the zoo" (thank god my dad doesn't read my blog!).

Its THE CAMERA!!!!!!!

I don't think you'd have gotten the picture... no, i know for a fact that you can see the chimp on the screen above these letters... but tats not who this post if about (yes he/she is adorable... and yes in this post it will b assumed as me).... its about my BIGGEST MOST DANGEROUS MOST EVER LASTING FEAR..... OF THE CAMERA!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!1 I can face an anaconda or a gladiator who thinks i'm his lunch or even my dad when hes angry (yes, when he gets mad, he blows his top!! very scary!!!!!!!) but i simply cannot bear PHOTOS... I mean, way past not knowing how to smile, stand and having a face like the above on camera (no, i'm not bad looking... or so i think... i just don't have a 'very' - thats an understatement- photogenic face).... And yes, i'm 'obsessed' with putting myself down... lol... as u all know if u had read my previous posts... its a compulsion from within... like my english lecturer quoted today from Nehru's lines 'if you must suffer, suffer for the sake of the country'.. i'm embarrassing myself for the sake of my readers (if there are any that is! i'm kidding! don't go anywhere from my blog :P )....

My fear of photos has been fairly recent... When i was a little kid.... i would happily pose for any camera aimed at me... because i loved being the centre of attention... and that one moment when the camera concentrates on you... and only you (well.. apart from the others and the background... ahh.. not so important as ME)... its a feeling of being hiiiiiighhhhhhh and yes, i loved pictures...

I wouldn't say i hated photos as soon as i hit puberty... but somewhere along my senior years in school.... maybe because i had all photo-loving (obsessed more like) girls around me, i started to feel really uncomfortable around the camera.... in most of the pictures (forced, tortured ones!!) i would either hide my face or turn away... or will be in the middle of a wrestling match with a certain friend who wants a photo... i simply can't handle them... I CAN'T STARE AT A GLASS LENS, FOR CHRISTS' SAKE!!!!!!! And the irony of the whole thing is, I really DON'T KNOW WHY?!??!?!?... I mean, why do most of my pictures involve my face in front of my hands like this .... :

Or with me turning around (my beautiful mane-lmao- coming onto the picture).... or me involved in an obscure slightly perverted (not intended that way!) act with a friend who looks as puzzled as me in the photo.... I mean, WHY!?!?!? Maybe, i'm insecure about my face... lol... even i don't believe that... or maybe i think i'm not good looking enuf to be photo'ed.... no thats not the reason either.... the reason is quite simple.....

I DON'T KNOW HOW TO STAND FOR A PICTURE....!!!!!!!! (no Amritha, this doesn't mean i'll take a picture wit you if u teach me how to stand for it!!!) I mean, how does a person look at the view finder and not feel like their privacy is being invaded... yes I'M HYPER CLAUSTROPHOBIC.. and i'm glad... because if i was as photo-crazy as them i would be too busy taking photos of myself instead of writing in this blog!!!! :)

Every cloud has a silver lining :)

A tribute....:P

Well... here's a breaker..... THIS POST IS A TRIBUTE TO MY BLOG GURU... MOONLIGHT N MAGNOLIAS... LOL...Ishwariya (did i spell that right?!?) i mean.... its bcoz of the continuous tutoring of this person that my blog is up and active today.... so cheers woman!!!!!!!!! And THANKS loads for patiently enduring my endless nagging and my never ending river of questions. She's also almost the first one to read my posts :) ..... and always gives me nice comments... lolz... except the one about the brownie :P thats alright... i forgive you ;) !!!! Anyway... here's a cheer to the guru who has educated me much on blogging and wishes to her to fulfill her awesome IAS dream (yea, she's studying really hard. Padips!)..... :p I've therefore appointed her my techno guru (who asks me also doubts... hehehe... can u believe that?? Not like i'm techno impaired though!)....

Misty a.k.a Elithraniel and last but not least Anusha (most un-creative, un-imaginative of the lost! Thats because i didn't pick it!!!!!!!!!!!)

The Love that Wasn't (weep!weep!)....

Ok.. here's another spoof... yeah, i know its getting stale, but i really really really couldn't resist putting myself down... lol... not to mention my already lost self respect due to previous posts :P... not like i have any or need any.... C'est la vie!

This post is a spoof on ma favourite book (Yeah, u guessed it, i think!) ERICH SEGHAL's LOVE STORY. Of course, since like i said, i can't resist embarrassing (learnt it at last!) myself in public, its an entry a boyfriend will write to his girlfriend. Indian Style!....

What can you say about an 18-year-old pain in the neck (yes, she's still alive, unfortunately) who is brilliant (in all weird ways) and refuses to let go of me?!? I mean, if anyone has any means of making me get rid of her, please do let me know. Oh yeah, i forgot.... she loves me, me and me. I'm getting claustrophobic already! I don't know which order it comes in... but she says "Alphabetically"... even so, me, me and me stay in the same place, don't they ? I, Musilaamani III , a boy who has a slum named after him in my area, proudly dedicated to me by my father for my 10th birthday (i couldn't be happier! NOT!!!), met Raakamma Collikutti in the area where she sweeps, near the namesake slum.

"Are you new?", i asked. "What do you want, pakki", she retorted, in slum-slang. Well, not that i was prepared for this. I looked at her closely. Her dirty, smelly hair tied in a bun, a huge bindi on her forehead, huge dove shaped eyes, loosely clad saree that didn't cover what it was supposed to cover! And the only lookable part of her were her legs, with the saree strewn up for convenience. "What you staring at pakki" came a rude voice, then she stomped off......

In the next three days, i tried my best to talk to her. But in vain. On the fourth day, i plucked up my courage to go tell her who i really am. Maybe if she knew my royal (yeah, right. Who am i kidding!) lineage, she would fall on my knees, begging for forgiveness. "Do you know who i am?", i asked her. "Yeah, you own this dump don't you. And you also got your name from it", she said, putting me in momentary shock. Ok, so she does know who i am. "Then why do you not give me respect?", i demanded. "I don't go around begging people like you, pakki", she retorted, AGAIN.

This went on for weeks, until i realised, i had actually fallen in love with the foul mouthed sweeper. I called her to me once. "I love you", i said, not knowing how big a mess i was getting into. "Don't joke pakki. People like you don't know what love is", she said. "But i do. I really do", i persisted. She walked away. I should have let it go when i was winning, but it was then that i began to fall, never to be able to rise again (literally! HELP!).

One sunday winter morning she came to see me play cricket, like she always does. "Kick'em in the shin, pakki" she cheered. And guess what. My team WON! I treated her to a couple of bondas and tea in the tea kadai next to the ground, after which she whispered in my ear "I love you too, pakki". And it began....... no.... love did not blossom. We did not share passionate kisses and sweet nothings. It took all my effort to keep her at bay and make sure that she doesn't see me when i get out of the house. Ah!!! She's no woman. She's a demon!!!!!!!

Suddenly one day, she found out that i was avoiding her and confronted me. "Sorry, but i don't love you anymore", i said. "Love means never having to say your sorry" came the reply. "But i don't love you". "I do", she said and came forward, arms wide open, following which i ran at record breaking speed toward home.

Some wise guy in the book 'Love Story', which i read long after i was in the clutches of that woman ended the book with the girl dying and the guy not telling the readers what made him fall in love with her in the first place (vague, i tell you! No wonder i didn't know about love.). And my love story goes on (unfortunately!! did you hear me? Help!! for crying out loud!)..... and i shall end this endless (sob!sob!) epic without actually telling anyone why i fell out of love and why i will never again fall in love with Rakkamma Collikutti.......

P.S: Please make sure the suicide note attached to this entry is safe, in case something happens to me.

------- Musilaamani III

Princess (not to be ;) ) Diary....

Yes, i've been reading Princess Diaries.... and yes, i take the above picture to be me (in my next birth)... yes, i'm on the haul for a prince... and yes, this is a SPOOF of the princess diaries books (what else can u expect from a wise crack like me :P )....

Ok... basically... if i were a princess... i would take up my nom de profile... Elithraniel... sounds mystic... and i would lock my diary like this... (I think the black lock is cute!)
Anyway... i would be too lazy to write a diary and seeing that i own the whole land i'd appoint someone to write the entry for me and make him/her swear an oath of silence... aahhh... and if they don't keep up it... chop off their tongues (That ought to teach them!)... and most importantly, i'd NAME my diary... not daisy or pixie or dove or a mushy name like that.. (though thats what u'd expect a princess to do!)... i'd call a name giver and sit a whole day with him and then conduct a naming party (like a slumber party) for the diary... once all that is done... i'll do in my first entry... supposing i name my diary Hobbes (Yes, i love Calvin and Hobbes... stop interrupting me...!) this would be my entry for today (lets assume i'm already well acquainted with the 1000 page.... thing....)

Yo Hobbes,
Whatcha upto?!? Yea... i got the same old boring things to tell you... i was woken up by 7 and as usual my maids were doting on me (Why can't they ever leave me alone?!), one brushing my teeth, one holding a glass of milk, one bringing in the morning breakfast and another making up my hair.... and by the time thats all done, i just want to crawl into bed again! (haven't you heard that alot of times!) After breakfast, i had to go meet Joe (my assistant), who gave me my itinerary for the day... and would you imagine... i had to go some spoilt brats b'day party, french and math class, be in three places at once for lunch and also have tea with my father, the king... then go for a couple of inaugurations... initially that was my dads job.. since the king is too busy... the only jobless person here (apart from the guards doing nothing other than standing outside the palace!) is me... so the work fell on me( DUH!)... I went for all these... after my bath and being dressed a 100 times by my own designer (they couldn't settle on a proper thing to wear!). Finally they settled on a beige top and a white skirt with a white scarf and black sunglasses to complete the look. And ofcourse, i always had to wear a smile! (Even when one of the bald guys at the inauguration stepped on my legs and my high heels were killing my feet!). I had to get back, for today was my mother's birthday, and a 'Royal' dinner has been arranged (how come people never ask me what i want for dinner over here!!?? I'm the princess remember!?!? HELLO!) ... I hate these dinners, hobbes... they're a royal pain in the you-know-where. My dads calling all the princes in the world... then couple of arab sheiks, some hollywood stars (i hope Brad Pitt comes.. maybe then i'll be slightly interested!) et all... and the worst part it... THEY'RE ALL STAYING OVER.... like a big Slumber party... (minus the pyjamas!)... i'm writing into you before the dinner coz then i'd have to go socialise with those nose running, glasses wearing, long nosed, obnoxious, snobbish, freckled princesses, who will want to play 'dolly dolly' and take my life out... Or i would have to wear a longgggg evening dress with my hair coiffed (that makes me look like a barbie!) and meet all the guests with a smile that started to hurt after a while! Hobbes, i'm soooooooooooo bored... I really want to just stay in bed the whole day... maybe i'll Feign a stomach ache n stay back from work tomorrow? Oh yeah, i remember what happened the last time i said i have a 'slight' headache... a team of doctors materialized before me checking for brain tumor.. i better not take the risk!!!! My dads calling me, Hobbes.... OMG!! BRAD PITT IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M GOING!!!!! DAMN!!! THAT FRECKLED FELINE (princess of far-far-away... why can't she be far far away from pitt??!?!?) IS ALL OVER HIM... YUCK! I DON'T WANT HIM ANYMORE.... YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE ACE, I'M GOING FOR THE KILL... Au Revoir.
Pocahontas :)

P.S: Here's a new pic of me.... Keep it safe.. its from You- Know- Who...


Look closely... Can u see a face?
I hope i got that spelling right :) , if i didn't.... forgive me... i'm spelling-impaired, to say the least and i obsess with getting my spellings right.... most of the times i don't... really.... anyway, the point of this pointless post is to emphasize that every human being (and animal, i think) obsess over atleast one thing in their lifetime... it could be cleanliness, books, hair, makup and whatnot... i knew a person who was obsessed with feet (personally i think she had feet fetish!).

Going on to reveal my true obsessions... i'm very very very very very very MESSY... lol.. guess you wouldn't expect that... if u need proof ask those poor souls who have visited (tried to atleast, lack of space you see!) my room. And thats not my obsession ;) ... the obsession is to LET THINGS BE. And when people move it... I BRING THE HOUSE DOWN. And yes, i need to fight wit ma dear old cleanliness-frenzy father to prove that i can only find things in my room when i know where they are!!!!!!! (which goes to say i remember whereever i dumped them!)... somehow he thinks that ONLY IF THINGS ARE WHERE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE, THEY ARE FOUND. And i totally agree... ONLY WHEN THINGS ARE WHEN I WANT THEM TO BE, THEY CAN BE FOUND! Can you find anything wrong in that? He thinks its a third degree crime to be a little (maybe more) impatient about keeping stuff in their proper order.

That ranting is just ONE of my obsessions. Another, well known (embarassing (wrong spelling)) one... which ma friends tease me about is ma obsession wit FINGERS. Well, its something i've had since i was young and its not like i do it on purpose, right?!? Anyway... yea.. i see people's hands.. mainly their fingers... to a point where my once-favourite hero (i'm not telling you who it is!) had absolutely long, fine fingers that i used to keep looking at, more than looking at his face!!! That freaked my friends out a bit! lol... I also had a classmate whose fingers i used to like... (who also i'm not going to name)... and the incident which followed, i shall choose to forget... :) ... hehe... i must make sure i don't let her read this entry....

Anyway.. these are my main obsessions, following which there have been other minor ones... like being too meticulous... getting atleast 7 hrs of sleep a day (which never happens!)... So, if you have an obsession, be honest about it... i mean, what could be more embarassing (wrong again! DANG!) than staring at people's hands? And actually blogging about it so that the whole world knows your abnormal....!!! Think it over ;)



Economics vs. Sleep

Before i begin writing about this 'controversial' subject, i'd like to say that it is not meant to offend or hurt anyone's sentiments but merely my own personal opinion.....

So... here i go.... for two years in high school, i unknowingly took up a rather bland subject called 'economics'... not that i chose to study it... but was forced as it was a compulsory subject in the stream that i took.... Hence began my love & (mostly) hate relationship with Oikenomia ( i think)..

In my 11th.. we whiled away time telling the teacher we were reading newspapers (which were a year old) to learn about economics and whiled away the year, only to blink at the exam papers and somehow we managed to scrape through and were on top of the world for partially mastering the most boring subject we could ever fathom. In my last year of school, the subject got a little more interesting... though i still slept through most of the classes (not like i ever listen in class.. its just not my 'cuppa tea', few topics did interest me (when my friend taught them to me on the eve of the examination)... the market economics... with its beautiful curvy diagrams that actually made sense to me... mono poly, duopoly, oligopoly, perfect market, imperfect... etc... they were a whole new world and i explored them much in detail (to the dismay of my fellow anti-economics companions). Finally, my 80% hate and 20% love for this subject came to an end (or so i thought) with the announcement of my public exam results in which i scored a proper 90% (my teacher was in shock for a few weeks following that!)

And so i joined college and picked a course totally against the laws of economics... Journalism... but as luck may have it... Alfred Marshall and Robert wats-his-name caught up with me again in the form of 'economic' issues in my fourth semester in college. Ahhh!! to think i almost spent two years without the taunting of that subject!!!

And history repeats... as the lecturer patiently drones on and on about unemployment, the new economic policy 'implemented by our now prime minister and then finance minister Dr. Manmohan Singh', the 70%-30% povery ratio, underemployment, my minds works kinda like this...

"Underemployment is a situation where there is very little work or a person......yada yada yada.... yawn! yawn! yawn!..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz...... (RING!!!) Huh!! what!?!"

This is only pertaining to me (and few other souls who will support me).. yet there are few in class who listen and hang on to every single word of the lecturer and they take down tonnes and tonnes of notes!!! (aaaaahhh!! i cannot write an essay about unemployment again!).... well, in a way their work provides me wit material for the exam (and Abhinaya i don't mean you, so continue your note spree).... so i shall not complain! :P

And this will go on till March till i let go of this menace forever... or so i think as of now... it may come back to haunt me again... and strangle me.. leaving me no space to breathe.. until i know the unemployment situation, the five year plans... the 11th FIVE YEAR PLAN!! OMG! WHAT A NIGHTMARE.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~fin :)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Picture Perfect - Bay Watch

Here's scenes from Marina at 5 in the evening.... the Bay 'Watchers' in action

The Unfinished Brownie

A certain cafe (which recently renovated its look) right in the heart of C.P. Ramaswamy road ' has won my anger lately, ever since i subjected my unknowing father to tasting what i thought would be a 'delicous treat' - the infamous Brownie. We shall call the place, a 'roller coaster'.... cause... i can't directly give you the name but you would find its name if you know where to look for a roller coaster :) ! (I'm evil!)

You can't call me a regular customer since, since my nest is quite far from the place but i visited the place whenever i could (before i went on my death-defying diet, of course).. well.. on that particular day, in a state of total desperation, hunger and proximity, my dad and i ended up in 'roller coaster'.

The order, consisting of a sandwich and a frankie, took forever to reach us... and only then did i realise, that the frankie was cold, half baked and totally un-consumable. Fine... maybe these people weren't too good with frankies, i consoled myself and i invited my dad to a treat of brownie, which he had not tasted previously (And has promised not to do so after this incident!)...

We ordered a Brownie with Ice Cream but apparantly, the Ice Cream was on a holiday, so only the brownie was available. My dad asked for a coffee and a brownie, and after half hour of waitin, the waiter is called and he realises he's forgotten our order!! "Control!!!", i sighed.. I was on the brink of asking the management to shut down, after my mayonaisse clustered sandwich, which took me to the point of nausea and the un-baked frankie. And then it happened....

The brownie arrived, 'looking' sumptuous but as soon as we opened the wrapper i realised that it was one of the 'old' ones that had just been put in the oven. It wasn't soft and crunchy as it should be and was rather stale and hard. My father, not wanting to waste his cash, struggled through it, keeping a small piece for me (which has been left untouched in the photo). He was so unhappy about the brownie that i felt guilty for having brought him there in the first place. And the coffee was totally forgotten, following which my father lost his patience and canceled the order.

The experience left me seething and very disappointed in the way they treated customers who visited the place. On my previous visits, i had a fairly good impression on the cafe, which was now totally ruined and i promised never to eat there again, for the sake of my father who gave up Rs.45 for an old brownie, that really wasn't worth the effort my dad would've put in to earn that 45.

I had also vowed to become a food critic but was quick to withdraw my oath owing to obese circumstances!

A walk down memory lane ......

This afternoon i was feeling rather lazy and when my friend called me to 'school' for a small game of basketball, i denied. Yet, she pestered me so much that i eventually ended up going there. But when i reached school i didn't play basketball... rather i was back to staring at the WIDE campus, remembering memories long gone and wondering how old i've become!!!

My friends engaged in their usual cat and mouse basketball ( i call it that since they
run behind the person who has the ball!!) and after the first 5 minutes my interest gradually drained (not being a very sporty person since birth) and i moved on to other things with a faithful companion, who hates sports just as much as i do (and had been rudely awakened by my frnd!), i walked around, awed by the number of changes that had taken place there since i left. For once, every single tree was identified by its biological name. Back when we were in school it was either the 'umbrella tree' or the 'tree near the canteen'... now they were 'neem tree' and more...

And the place was cleaner, the canteen was bigger with basins!!!(there's a surprise!)... And the administrative block turned from a one storey building into a two storey building with a high tech library... but... i still prefered my old school.. the way it used to be... i sat on my old place, a flight of stairs behind our auditorium, where my 'gang' always sat... it was OUR place... and to sit there again was such a nostalgic experience.

But my favourite
place in school was and will always remain the convent. It is by most the greenest, lush and the most scenic area in my school and i've had absolutely wonderful times there... the farewell mass at the chapel... the friend i found in the chapel... the many pics we've clicked there... everything was frozen in time... and everytime i go there and i look at it i feel like i've never left the place... its been 2 years but the feeling still stays... forever..... and whenever i look at the convent... i see myself there... with my group of 14.. on the last day of school... clicking random pics (Below: The Abode of Vrigin Mary at the convent garden)

^^^The School Pond

I walked away from school this evening... rather melancholic but my heart filled with very warm memories.... memories i'll never forget for a lifetime.... All thanks to a friend who didn't give up on her mission to pester me!! lol


Musings of a sentimental idiot....

A sentimental idiot.... is a person who gets emotional for almost everything right from a pin dropping to the ground to seeing woman beating her chest in misery due to the passing away of a dear one (not related to this person!)... well.. why am i sitting here on a chilly, rainy day writing about such a person? Am i one of them? Maybe... maybe you are too.. I'm writing because that person is in each of us, man or woman, strong or weak.

U need not be an emotional wreck to be a sentimental idiot, saving everything from a pen to a chocolate wrapper if you break up with your partner. Maybe those things mean something to you or maybe you just don't want to let go. Thats alright. Everyone has to hold on to certain memories. Good or bad, they're totally your choice. Don't listen when a friend comes up to you saying "you need to move on, RIGHT NOW!". It'll take time. But nod your head to her/him, just to make them feel that they've helped out.

You needn't be a 'crying' girl/boy to be a sentimental idiot (SI). You may be one of those who can cry at the drop of a pin. Thats ok, too. As long as you know that once you cry it gets outta your system, its fine. Ah... i feel like i'm babbling without a break. What am i driving at?

Well... any kind of person can become an SI, even those of you who try so hard to cry but still tears don't come out and to those machos who think they can handle everything. These kind of people are the worst. Look closely at them. And you'll see the wear and tear of constant hurt. They are the total SI's. This may come as a relief to those cry baby's and emotional wrecks but well.. we're all just humans.

There has been all these symtoms in ma life. I have gone from being a person who was a spoilt brat who cried for everything, to an emotional wreck who didn't want to live, to myself as of now, a person who can't cry and who thinks i can handle everything on my own. And yes, i'm still an SI. Where is the proof, you may ask?

The proof is tucked away in a small cardboard box in my room, filled with treasured memoires from times i don't want to forget. I have a pen my friend tossed away, not knowing that its with me now, an eraser that was given to me by a classmate from school, a tic tac box my aunt gave me four years ago when she came for a week, a boat shaped purse, my very first friend gave me on my birthday, when i joined a new school, i still have all the keychains my friends gave me, even though a couple are broken, I have a couple of chocolate wrappers from years ago when my cousins visited, a broken 10 year old watch presented by my aunt, a notepad my friend once thrust into my hand and other 'junk' that stir so many good memories inside. And i didn't even have to look at the box to write what was in it. I knew it all by heart.

So its not bad to hold on to memories. And its not so bad to be an SI, after all. Because, it only helps us to recall halcyon days, that would otherwise not be so vivid.

The Notebook - Movie Review

Well, here goes my very first movie review. This is a movie based on Nicholas Sparks' Novel 'The Notebook'. There comes only once when a movie really makes u 'feel' what it wants you to. there are so many movies that perhaps make you cry, smile, feel its not worth a watch. But which movie truly makes you feel what the movie wants you to. Though its a love story through and through, even ones who are not in love may feel a pinch at the heart at certain scenes.

The movie revolves around Noah and Allie. Noah is a country boy and Allie is the daughter of a rich business man spending her summer vacation at the country. And predictably, both fall in love. The movie begins with a man (James Garner), an older Noah, introducing him self "I am nothing special; just a common man with common thoughts, and I've led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten. But in one respect I have succeeded as gloriously as anyone who's ever lived: I've loved another with all my heart and soul; and to me, this has always been enough." This dialogue stirs a kind of curiosity in you that makes you wonder what he's learnt from love. He is at a oldage home, where his wife, Allie, a patient of Alziemer's is also present. He reads to her from a diary that Allie wrote about their lives, in a hope to make her remember who he is... And so the story unfolds....

Its a simple boy meets girl story... up until her parents not accepting the summer romance and they deciding to break up. Right before that they go up to a rundown house, which Noah (Ryan Gosling) wishes to own someday. Allie (Rachel Mc.Adams) tells him how she likes it built and he promises her that he'll build it the same way.

After they break up, Noah writes to Allie everyday for a year but the letters are hidden by Allie's mom. Noah joins the army and Allie becomes a war nurse. There she meets another handsome, rich soldier, who she falls in love with. Noah returns home from the war to find that his dad had sold their house to buy the rundown mansion that Noah wished to own. Shortly, his father dies. Noah goes to the city on work and finds Allie with the soldier. He then builds the mansion like a mad man, in the hope that Allie will come back to him..l

The day he finishes his work, a newspaper carries his photo along wit the house and allie sees it just as she's about to try on her wedding dress... and faints...
Its here that the story takes a turn from the normal... Allie goes to see the place and they spend two days together.... and the climax unfolds...

Allie asks him y he hasn't kept in touch for 7 years and he replies "I wrote you everyday for a year. I wrote you 365 letters" where they realise what has happened and share a passionate night leaving her confused....

The story goes on... and has a seemingly tragic end. But it is the most appropriate one for that movie. Like i said, only once in your life will a movie affect you so much that you'll begin to relate to it every moment of your life. And 'The Notebook' is on a simple summer romance that became one of the best romantic movie in a while.

For those who enjoyed 'Eric Seghal''s 'Love Story' and for those who have loved, this movie will carve a niche in their hearts. As for the rest, the on screen chemistry and the pure genuineness of certain scenes and emotions will capture their heart and make them want to see the movie again and again.

On a scale of 10, though i wish i could rate it 25, i would give it a full 10, for costumes, characterisation, romance, chemistry are up to the tee.

Notable aspects of the movie:

1. The beginning of their romance, when Noah teaches Allie to take life easily.
2. Following scenes where their romance blooms, James Garner saying "I could never agree with each other, infact they fought all the time. But there was one thing they had in common, they were crazy about each other"
3. The part where Noah build the mansion
4. Noah takes Allie on his boat to a beautiful place
5. The part where Allie asks him why he never kept in touch (their kiss in that scene won the best kiss award!)
6. The final scene (shh!! its for you to see)

'The Notebook' - Heart Churner

When i write, i forget all my worries - Anne Frank

This is my first official post and i'd like to make it a tribute to the all the Iraqi bloggers, especially one girl whose blog i follow regularly, Najma Abdullah... A 16 year old Iraqi in a war torn country, who wishes to voice out and let the world know the condition of the people there.. As you read her blog, shivers go down your spine. The extent of damage, destruction and death that surrounds the people there is overwhelming and as you read the words "i don't know if i'll come back home alive", a silent prayer you wish to voice out, hoping somewhere along the way, as it reaches Him, it will be heard and answered. There is also a slight hint of relief everytime you see the person writing a new post, knowing that they've kept up their spirits and they live.

There is goes.. a salute to those who brave the odds only to let the world know. As a student of the media, my learning often revolves around these three sentences, which are the three commandments of journalism, "Let the people know, create awareness and monitor the working". These have been told to me so many times over the last two years that i've scrutinised almost all pieces of writing that way, tearing them apart, the way a journalistic critic would. And these people have captured the most renowned moments of citizen journalism that could ever be done.

Najma reminds me of a book i read not long ago, 'Anne Frank - The diary of a young girl'. Anne Frank's diary is a book that would haunt the whole world, reminding us of the inhumane-ness of the holocaust era. Similarly, this more techno savvy 'diary' gives us a good look into the life of that young girl. Maybe thats what she had in mind when she started blogging. Maybe we'll never really know... The truth is always never black or white but a shade of gray

She is indeed 'A Star from Mosul'

A welcome post

Well.. this is the second blog that i'm starting... each title more crazy than the other!! I just hope i don't waste this one like i did the other!! Anyway... I dunno what else to say so i'm saving this post~! lol.... within the next one month, hopefully my blog wil be active! (or so i'm saying!)... anyway instead of ranting to myself in the misconception that ppl are actually reading this first entry.. i shall sign of...
thank u