Burnt!!! Anusha can't cook PART 2

Yes thats chapati... and no i'm not taking cooking lessons... had you read my previous post you'd know that if i started taking cooking lessons people like Tarla Dalal and Sankeev Kapoor will go out of business (yes... if u guys r no more, they won't have any one to teach right?!) :P .... Anyway... this is CHAPTER 2 of... Anusha Can't cook... where i rest my case before the court... yes... I REALLY CAN'T COOK DUDE!~ I hereby submit three exhibits to prove my plea.

Exhibit A: A chapati torn into half , half burnt (which i ate on the way, so BURP! no exhibit left! hehehehe)

Exhibit B: A phulka left burning on the Tava (i shall submit it after exhibit 3)

Exhibit C: A burnt thigh.... no i can't bring pictures of this to save my self esteem....

How did i burn my thigh u ask? I'll tell you... There i was making phulkas... listening to music.... (la la la la....la ba la da la da laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) ... i was now putting the phulka on the tava to cook... (la la la la de da de da de da)..... now on the fire to puff it up (de da dum da de daaaaaaaaaaaaa) AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! The phulka has fallen... no not to the ground... from the fire on to my 'clothed' thigh.... surprised? no... this is so Anusha... :P (ROTFL) And the place was was amazing crimson after that... i washed it... leaving the tava to burn.... yea.. i totally forgot about that.... man!!!! my cooking escapades are unforgettable.... I somehow finished the rest of the phulkas without any further damage to property or self.... and then since i wanted to tend to the burning sensation... i took a look at the wound.... and guess what i saw.... BURNT SKIN.... Yea... instead of puffing up phulkas to get soft brown spotted chapatis... i ended up wit BROWN SPOTTED SKIN!!! As for the phulkas... my dad and i managed to eat them :) !!!!!

P.S: My dad had one thing to tell me. "The only person to get burnt by a chapati in this whole world would be you....!!!" I know.... That is so Anusha!!!!!!! :P

Scene of accident come Exhibit B