Billa... A review

My saturday evening was mostly occupied watching a movie i didn't know why i watched.. BILLA....

No offense to any Ajit fan out there... i mean... yes, the guy looks really good.. and yea, he can walk... but whats the point of the whole movie? Apart from the gadgetry and style i didn't find anything meaning ful about the movie... i mean the whole movie had only one character... BILLA... how can a movie be so hero-centric? Personally, i couldn't sit thru it...

Billa... a big time don always escapes the police... and Jayprakash DGP (a chocoholic) almost always misses him... and once... both of them try to kill each other but billa dies so Velu a look alike is set up to be Billa by Jay to find out the BIG MAN behind these smuggling operations... and soon Velu comes to know what kind of a nutorious person Billa was but its too late.. he's too deep into the trap!

Yea... i know... it all sounds like a Sidney Sheldon novel.... and yeah, it has a happy ending... yawn!!! what a bore... I'll tell you... apart from the gun wielding, sun glasses wearing hero himself, there's nothing impressive about the movie...

Here's a list of plus points and the minuses.

1. Watchable just once, for Ajit's immense risk taking (stunts), his makover and exceptional ramp walking (lol.. i'm kidding... yea the guy has style!)

2. For sheer 'hollywood'-ness of the action sequences

3. Billa's car! (if ur a car buff that is!)

4. Nayanthara's new good looks.... (she really does loook good... at last!)

5. 2 songs... 'My name is billa' and 'Edhavadhu Sei'

6. The scene where velu accidently kills namita (who's role i have not yet able to fathom!) when she finds out hes not billa.. and when his accomplices come.. the way velu changes into billa

7. Santhanam's comedy (though there's not much of this! He's not been used properly)

8. The expert handling of the camera

9. Ajit's and Nayan's wardrobe


1. Excessive walking by ajit (i think he's totally walked for 2hrs in the 2:30 hr film)

2. Excessive cleavage showcase by nayanthara

3. The absurdity of Namita's role

4. The whole point of the movie

5. Nayanthara's Bikini show (yea, we know she's reduced alot of weight... but DUH!!!)

6. Nayan's horribly failed imitation of Lara Croft (Angie Jolie)

7. Prabu's chocolate/eating spree

8. The climax... i mean... dude!!!!

9. The over excessive AJIT obsession... i mean the only thing i understood about the movie was 'AJIT AJIT AJIT AJIT AJIT'... it was screaming at me... this is what they call hero worship...

10. Lack of comedy n romance (which is in d original)

Anyway.... thats all that i can cover on the movie.. like i said.. this is a personal opinion... no offense to Ajit fans...

On a scale of 10 i would rate it 7


VIDYA said...

u ve rated it seven.... does tht mean it is a 'watchable' movie??? or r u like those teachers who give high marks to all students.

nayan's eyewear was ohh so cool in te posters...

Elithraniel Arawion said...

i'm just being nice... lol.. u can just almost watch it once