Lethal weapon!

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This afternoon while i was shopping with Father P, i found out the reason why most sons in india grow up afraid of their mom, atleast until they introduce their girlfriends to her :P .

And no, Father P will not steal any credit for this post (hmmmpf! *mumbles* i give him little space and he overtakes me!)

Errr... anyway..getting back...

At the billing counter, i am waiting as father p examines all those necessary things (like biscuits, tortilla chips, jalepeno conserve) that i snuck into the shopping cart when he wasn't looking, so that the billing can happen when a small boy and his dad were getting their stuff billed. And they broke out into an arguement. He was clutching a kurkure packet to his chest protectively, protesting and throwing a fit about keeping it back.

The father first tells him calmly that he's not going to buy it, then a little stern. Then shouts at his son. He tries to grab the bag but the boy dodges and the rest of us snigger, much to the embarrassment of the father. (Here Father P says : Don't laugh. You were much worse when you were a kid. I was so embarrassed, i wouldn't even take you out of the house half the time coz u made such a rucous everywhere!) Ahemm..

So the father tries various means but the boy holds a death grip on the chips packet. Finally, his father used a lethal weapon

"If you don't put that down now, i'll tell your mother", he said, puffing his chest and pretending to call out to his wife

The boy's expression changed instantly from defiance to surrender. He meekly let the father pull the packet away from him and put it back on the rack. When the father came back to pay, he pulled at his sleeve. The father looked down.

"I gave it back. Don't tell mother ok? Promise?"


Me: Dad, people think what i write on my blog is all made up

Father P: It isn't?

Me: They mean the conversations we have

Father P: Well.. i just have one thing to say about that

Me: And that is?

Father P: The ones where i snub you alone are true. The rest... well... god only knows!

Me: Thanks :|

Father P's day

When this daughter completely forgets about father's day, Father P is upset. Then she remembers it today and decides to wish him a belated father's day

Me: Belated Father's day wishes

Father P: That's it? No gift?

Me: I got myself 2 pair of jeans

Father P: How is that a gift?

Me: I didn't make you to spend on it.

Father P: How considerate of you. Anyway, thank you for not remembering. What's the point of writing about me on your blog, making me famous and then forgetting me on father's day.

Me: I didn't forget you. I just forgot Father's day. By the way, we need to pay college fees today.

Father P: *mumbles* And i thought i didn't have to spend. Hey, didn't you say some friend of yours got spot selected for the course?

Me: Yeah. Your daughter wasn't one of those spot selected candidates though.

Father P: You don't have to tell me. I know how brilliant you are. I just wish.... sighh. no point..

Me: Wish what?

Father P: That i could've spot selected my daughter. Mind you, you wouldn't have even been shortlisted for the post.

Me: Oh and what questions would you ask them when they came for the interview?

Father P: That's easy. Just two. Both questions to which you don't know the answer to. "When is my birthday?" and "When is Father's day?"

Me: *shakes head* sigh!

Bus Chronicles (Love is everywhere...)

Apart from the very talented (ahem.. this is a lie btw) Chriz falling in love with his neighbour, i have noticed in the past three weeks that love is indeed blosomming everywhere around me.. (Yeah, don't rub it in. Around me. Doesn't include me. Sigh!) In fact, three of my friends have tied hearts (and soon knots) with their self-proclaimed soul mates, including one who i least expected it from... And one just celebrated her first anniversary! (i totally forgot about it, of course. I don't even remember my own birthday, let alone her anniversary date! This was followed by a msg from her boyfriend saying : "psst! wish her! and it's totally not my idea ok?" and you can imagine what followed this. The 'you-ignorant-friend-who-doesn't-care-about-love' lectures.. ahh! that's ok

Just as i was brooding over the fact that men have no taste whatsoever these days (why else would i still be single? huh?), something... changed my mind. I realised love is sometimes funny too :P Yea.. comeback post :P

I was returning home from a friend's place. It was incredibly hot and i was testing the effectiveness of the new sunscreen i had worn ( actually it was HOT INSIDE THE DAM BUS!) today. Innocently listening to music, i turned around, only to find myself face to face with a girl koochi-kooing her lover! Ahemm... And the funny part is.... Whatever they did matched the song i was listening to! It was hillarious! Here's the lyrics and what was happening.

The song: You and me by Lifehouse (ROTFL... what was i doing listening to a sappy love song in the first place... ahemm.. err.. another story)

What day is it? And in what month? This clock never seemed so alive...

Boy catches girls wrist and peers at her watch. Then thinking no one's watching, bends down
and kisses her hand!

I can't keep up, i can't back down, i've been losing so much time

People keep walking by the seat staring at him but his lips seems to hav stuck themselves
to the back of her palm as tho someone applied super glue to it! After some disgusted stares,
he removes it and places his hand there instead as tho sealing it in her palm forever! (yeuch!)

Cause its you and me and all of the people, with nothing to do, nothing to prove

They look into each other's eyes and the conducter shouts at them to get the ticket. They don't hear!

And it's you and me and all of the people and
I don't know why I can't keep my eyes off of you

They are still looking into each other's eyes and the both sigh (and so do i. Love really is blind.
The conductor has given up)

All of the things, that i want to say, Just aren't coming out right.

The boy, evidently is not very proficient in english. And he tries to propose his love to his
darling in english to impress. Big mistake!

"Maii lakshumi, you aaare. Ai looue you. My pondati (wife in english) di you beee"

I'm tripping on words, you've got my head spinning, I don't know where to go from here

"Vichu stop shall i take ticket faar?", she asksu (oops) in equally fluent english. He sighs in
defeat "yenywear dearrr. You aree thear no. That is enuff"

Then i turn back to my window, wondering why this was so weird. When i turned back,
the line was

Everything she does is beautiful, everything she does is right....

She buys a ticket from Mylapore to central and he looks at her fondly as she talks to the
conductor, his eyes looking as though a miracle was happening in front of him.

I turned again, kinda freaked and switched songs. And the next was Holiday by Greenday. I
smiled and thought this could have nothing with them. When i turned to see a slight drizzle
building up. I froze.

Behind me i heard the guy say "Jestu heaar the rain s voice"

And the lines went

Hear the sound of the falling rain, coming down like an armegeddon flame

I got off at the next stop!


I will wait whilst time flies,
Till you smile; there my happiness lies. 

I will wait till you break free,
And come again to be with me.

I will wait through day and wait through night,
Till i see the faintest light.

I will wait, till the end;
I will wait for you, my dear friend.


Father P calls himself a post-modernist (Actually, i just came up with that). In a heated arguement about whether is it proper for a guy or girl to ask the other out first, he shut my mouth with one of his brilliant one-liners.

Me: I think the guy must make the first move.

Father P: Why? You asked someone out and they rejected you?

Me: That's besides the point, dad.

Father P: Naa.. I think sometimes a woman can make the first move too.

Me: Why should she?

Father P: Cause she's a woman. Has to woo-her-man.

Me: *Bows before the great power* Applause!
Me: People think you rock, dad.

Father P: Tell them they are mistaken

Me: Why?

Father P: Cause i'm human being.