Between the rains and the rainbow bright,
Darkness unfolds; a veil over light.
I watch him fade away, with darkness blend,
Now i know every beginning must have an end...

The secret....

Him: Hey, can i ask you something?

Her: Sure

Him: Do you have any secrets?

Her: Just one.

Him: What is it?

Her: Hahahaha.... if i told you it wudn't be a secret anymore. 

Him: C'mon. It's me. I have a right to know.

Her: Okay. i'll tell you. It's.....

Him: *puts his finger on her lips* Shhh! 

She shrugs.

Him: You claim you are good at poetry. Tell it to me in 2 lines; you wannabe poet....

Her: I'm surprised, dear, that you never knew;
          My best kept secret is You.

The Shadow....

As the moon threw its shadow on the open sea,

He leaned closer and whispered to me;

"Do you see the moon profess his love to the sea?

Who in turn shone brighter, like a prisoner set free?

Look closer at them both... there's you and me"

The clearing...

Twigs crack under my feet as he leads me on...

Past the desolate woods... deeper... deeper... 

A clearing appears... and a river...

I move to the edge... breathing it in...

The water is so calm... the woods so silent..

I touch the water... soft as silk...

The touch disturbs its sanctity and ripples appear... i am ashamed...

"It's okay", he says. A warm sensation on my shoulder... "I am here".

A smile creeps its way onto my lips...

"Forever?", i ask, suddenly breathless. 

The wind blows his whisper by my ears..."Forever".

I touch the water once again, the tip of my finger prodding it...

It is patient... ripples no more....

I am puzzled. I turn and look up at him....

He laughs... comes close to my ear and whispers...

"The water is jealous"


"Because it won't be around as long as i will be"

With friends like these..... who needs enemies...

As of today i officially announce that i might not be regular on my blog due to the sudden entry of an extremely handsome humanoid of the male gender in the flat adjecent to mine :D ...

This morning as i was loitering up and down the stairs picking up towels that my maid 'accidently' dropped down (4 times!), someone brushed past me on my third descent. I turned to face the back of the most handsome guy i've ever seen (in my apartment). Since news travels fast in the maid community.. i approached mine with much caution so as to not rouse her suspicion and very casually dropped in a word about a new 'boy' in the apartment.

"Yes.. he is that next door kid's uncle"

"Ohhhhh... must be 30 or so then no", i asked, inwardly hoping he wasn't

"No no... he's just 25", came an uninterested reply. But i was interested... very interested...

"Ohh... what does he do?"

"They put those sums and all no... maths ppl"


"In a shop and all they are incharge of the accounts"

"Charted Accountant ah.. ok ok"

And i walked away from her as any more questions would definitely find its way to my grandmother's ears.

I spent the next three and half hours studying... with a xerox in my hand.... on the corridor... right opposite the grilled door to his home.... my eyes were plastered on his door... now and then darting to the paper whenever people passed by... that at the end of the 3.5 hours i had only glimpsed at the word "principles" .. "management"..."organizing"... "co-ordinating"...

After lunch i saw that father p and grandma were both fast asleep. I resumed my intensive study pattern for the next two hours until i heard father p shout about the water i had left boiling on the stove 2 hours ago!! Such intensive studying i was doing :P

By then i had seen him for more than an hour and adrenaline was pumping. I was so excited i texted all my friends about him....

But with friends like these.... who needs enemies... check out their responses...


Me: Guess what? guess what? guess what?

BM: What maaaa?

Me: A hot guy moved in next door. He's so hot i've been going up and down the corridor all afternoon.

BM: When can i come to your house for combined studies?


Me: Hey bro i got a new hot neighbour

Arv: too much.. not fair.. get me a girl first.. i'm the eldest, i have the seniority here on these matters.. not fair kiddo... ok go study



Me: heyyyyy. i got a new hot neighbour

Iyshu: wowww. Intro de!

Misty: Podi

Iyshu: hmpf!


Me: Hey i got a new hot neighbour de

Swe: :O I hope he's committed de!

Me: Go die!


Me: I got a new hot neighbour de

Valia: Hot you say? Maybe we could trade. Im bored of my hot neighbour... He's 6 2 if it helps


Me:  Boss, guess what. A good looking guy just moved in next door. And i've been walking up and down the corridor since morning

Boss: Too much... 

3 hrs later....

Boss: Stop walking up and down the corridor.. you are going to freak that guy out!!!

Miracle of LOWE

We all know our parents love us... or do we? But how is it that my father shows his love for me through his different methods of snubbing me??? 

This afternoon, just as i was about to immerse myself in corporate communication.. planning how to create an identity, build a brand and maintain my reputation (which seems non-existant), a miracle happened. It was so surprising i have decided to call it 'The Miracle of 2009'... my father texted me!!!!

"I will be late... give grandma bread and butter. Dad."

I replied

"Ok. Butter was in freezer. Now melting."

I was bored and no one else was messaging. Hence the lame reply. Then, the miracle happened again.

"Why? Is it warm outside? Dad."

"No its 0 degrees and i'm freezing"

At this point i already knew Father P had begun his handiwork... his sense of humor was unleashed again :P

"Oh is it so? Ok i'll go outside and check. Dad"

"Don't put blade pa. Do i wait for you to come or do i eat something cause i'm hungry?"

I couldn't believe father p and i were conversing through text.. it has never happened before!!!

"I have eaten. You go ahead. Dad."

"Ok. You enjoy 'hanging out' then. Tata"

And there i thought it ended.. but i was wrong...

"Thanks. I ate out. Will tell you the menu when i get back. Dad."

"Are you pulling my leg?"

"Yes. Dad"

"Your daughter is studying hard for exam. Don't disturb now"

"Studying hard or hardly studying? Dad."

"Why are u comedying like this pa?"

"Love. Dad."

:) And there came the biggest smile on my face....

10 reasons why this blog has not been updated...

I haven't been here in a long time.. and won't be updating for a while.. actually only when i make statements like this i will update everyday :P .. anyway here are the top 10 reasons why i have been avoiding my blog:

1. I got myself a boyfriend

2. I'm busy with him

3. I spend 10 hours a day on the phone with him

4. He doesn't let me talk to anyone else

5. He is very possessive about me and thinks the internet will 'corrupt' me

6. He wants me to spend every living moment thinking about him (and is happy now that i'm writing about him in my blog though he is not too happy about the 'writing in the blog' part)

7. He doesn't want me to strain too much by thinking (ahemm.. not that i use my brain much anyway... )

8. He thinks i will flaunt him on my blog becoz he is very hot seeeeeee

9. He doesn't like chriz and lance flirting with me...


P.S: I took a poll among friends on the first 9 points... they all agreed it was a very good April Fool's Joke... :| sigh...