She stood at the edge of the shore. Her long, braided hair flying truant in the gushing wind, loose strands shadowing her worried face. She steadily moved towards the water, her mind elsewhere.

"What am i going to do now?", she wondered, watching the calming rhythm of the waves crashing upon the shore.  For a minute she lost herself in it and then shook herself awake. Things have to be done. The pain has to pass. But it wouldn't let go. 

She wrapped her saree closer around her figure as though it was cold. It's been a year but it was still fresh in her memory. How would she ever go on? She stole a glance around her and made sure noone was in the vicinity. Suddenly, it seemed easy. If she could just walk into the waves, she would never have to worry again. The pain will momentarily increase but then it will be forever gone....

Her mind drew a blank. She kept walking toward the water. Her pace increased. "I can do this", she said, walking into the water.

"Mummy, are you coming to play too?"

She whirled around and found her five-year-old daughter tugging at her saree. For a moment she was dumbstruck.

"Of course, dear. But it's late. Let's leave. You need to go to school tomorrow and i have work", she went on, lifting the child up and placing her firmly on her waist.

"Can i have ice-cream now?", the kid pushed

"You'll catch a..... yes.. yes, we'll buy a couple of cones at the supermarket near home. Ok?"

"Ok. Chocolate?"

"Hahahaha... sure, darling", she laughed, placing a kiss on her child's forehead.

"Life goes on", she thought, smiling as her daughter returned the kiss.

Down's syndrome

After reading Mark Haddon's 'The Curious case of the dog in the night time', i was thoroughly convinced that father p suffered from down's syndrome. I confronted him with the information:

Me: I think you have down's syndrome

Dad: Huh?

Me: You are so meticulous and catogorical that it drives me nuts. You are a doctor. You should know u have a disease by now.

Dad: You have Up syndrome

Me: Huh?

Dad: You keep messing everything UP which is why i am meticulous about it!

*I wonders why i have such a dad*


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I'm not saying anything

After a huge fight the previous night which ended up with me missing dinner and breakfast, father P calls when i'm at work the next day

Father P: So you are planning to fast unto death?

Me: Yeah

Father P: Are you sure?

Me: Yeah

Father P: Ok fine. I'm ordering Pizza for dinner tonight. Cya

Me: !#$!$!

Winning step....

Kids are the best teachers....  :)

This afternoon i was at a bookstore, looking at all those books i could not afford (if anyone wants to buy me a birthday gift i would suggest you get me the entire Calvin and Hobbes collection :D )  and suddenly i heard loud footsteps followed by a loud shriek. Along with half the bookstore stalkers there, i turned around to see 2 kids engaged in a serious game of running race in the middle of the store. 

The 2 contenders were a tiny girl in a pink frock, who was at most 5 and a slightly bigger boy, 8 or so, dressed in a blue t shirt and shorts. Both kids looked absolutely adorable and as always the boy seemed to be making the rules for the game. 

Suddenly the boy, after a deep discussion wit his kid sister shouted "1, 2, 3, GO!" and both ran for their lives up the stairs and down again. By this time, most of the watchers had dispersed to mind their own business but i wanted to know who won so i stayed on to watch. 

The kids came thumping down and as expected, the boy came first by a large margin.. He ran down and jumped a couple of times. Then he saw that his sister hadn't come down yet. He turned around to find her standing on the steps looking down at him. The kid almost had tears welling in her eyes. The boy immediately climbed back those stairs, went next to his sister, gently lifted her, carried her down the rest and put her down in front of him saying "You came first!" 

The girl immediately smiled and started laughing in pure joy shouting "i won i won" at anyone who passed by her. 

The boy smiled and watched on...

I moved to the next rack with a smile that stayed with me the rest of the day....

What it means to be....

His eyes were wrinkled with worry and care,
Thinking of the nights spent waiting up, scared.
"Where is she?", he thought, "How can she dare?"
To the shadows he resigned again, an everyday fare.
Past midnight she walked in without a bother,
He looked on and sighed in relief; how it is to be a father.  

The face wash incident

I have yet again successfully made people think i fell in and out to love with the sheer power of my words :P Kudos to me! ahem... errr.... hehehehehehe

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This morning, i woke up late (as usual) and found Father P missing. I needed money to buy some stuff from the nearby department store and hence went searching around the house for him. But of course, he had left for work. So i called him.

Me: Good morning pa

FP: You are calling and wishing me on the phone? How much money do you need?

Me: What an insult! How dare you accuse me of such atrocious things?

FP: Do you want money or not?

Me: Urm... errr...Yes.. need around 100 

FP: What for?

Me: Need to buy a face wash

FP: But i saw 4 tubes in the loo cabinet..

Me: None of them are face washes

FP: Then what the hell are they?!?

Me: Urm... conditioner, softener... uhh... cleansing milk... and uhh...

FP: What? What do you need to condition, soften and cleanse? Your soul?

Me: You are a guy....

FP: Thank god for that.

Me: Now don't be a chauvnist, pa

FP: Are you trying to call me a pig?

Me: I never said that

FP: But chauvinist is usually followed by a pig

Me: Only if chauvnist is followed by 'ic'

FP: Oh i see...

Me:  Now i might have to add it

FP: Forget washing your face ever, then. But you know what i  just realized? i cannot be a chauvnist...

Me: Why not?

FP: Because I have a daughter who spends over Rs. 500 of my money every month to buy tubes of cream to cleanse, soften and condition her soul... which invariably will make her a better person.. now which chauvnist would agree to do that to a woman??

*I faints*