Awards galore :)

Hey guys

I can't believe i've got 3 awards :P apart from the 5 i had already... woooohoooo! :)

Nikhil  has bestowed upon me two awards;  
The xxtraordinary Blogger award 

The sweet blogger award :)

The pink orchid a.k.a Kajal has also been kind enough to give me an award i feel i don't deserve :P thanks anyway kajal... and i'm sorry for putting it up so late.. was waiting for an opportunity.. :) 

Heart stealer award (ahem! wish this were true in my neighbour's case :( ) 

There! I've blown my own trumpet :P 

Now i can sleep for 2 days without worrying about updating ;) hehehehe


Stupidosaur said...

Err if nothing is as sweet as you, are you being compared to nothing?

Damn! Insult! "You are nothing!" How dare he say that!

Oh wait, he also said you are sweet.

That makes you a sweet nothing.

But aren't sweet nothings supposed to be told in people's ears? (Like that neighbour ;) )

Since when did sweet nothings start writing blogs?

Oh wait. Sweet nothings are actually sounds.

So you are one sound blogger.

Great! One more idea to start another silly blogger award

"You are a sound blogger!" Whatever that means!


Anonymous said...

well deserved all the three.. congratulations.. :)

Arv said...

h heee... kewl one... they are too sweet to ya...

now u can sleep?? isnt that all that u do usually :P

Anonymous said...

Congrats :D

Thoorika said...

Congrats !!!

ANWESA said...

congos!!!n u kno-ur bherry phunny..

MultiMenon said...

I din get wot stupidsir meant..Anyways,deservedly so babeh!

Sleep,sleep..regarding tht neighbour guy,if u believe in black magic,I gotta tell u sumthing.. :)


The abstract scientist said...


Chronicwriter said...

heart stealer awarddhaan idhula top class



Rakesh Vanamali said...


Anonymous said...

Well deserved :) CONGRATULATIONS :)

Sorry for the delay... Wasn't around for quiet sometime...

Swetha said...

congrats! :)

ABHISHEK SiM said...

wow. told u - u r famous. just that i can't brag people with what i used u.

amit said...

Congratulations!! :) Well deserved!