Sunday morning sighting

7 a.m - Alarm rings... ignore alarm... sleep... ZZZZzzzzzz! Ben Affleck comes in dream.. tell him.. "You are 5 years late. I am sorry but Ashton Kutcher is my dream boy now".

7:06 a.m - Mutters as one is kicked out of bed (literally) by Father P

7:07 a.m - While Father P brushes, unknown to him, sneak back into bed again....

7: 10 a.m - Is drenched as inhuman father pours cold water on head. Decide not to take bath.

7: 20 a.m - Wake up to realize one is in bathroom holding toothbrush to mouth and fast asleep. Paste is all over pyjamas. Sigh!

7:30 a.m - Trudge to dining table to find one's dose of morning caffeine missing! Rushes into kitchen to find Father P saying "You were the one who said you didn't want coffee from today". Vaguely remember saying it in a fit of dieting insanity. Why doesn't he remember other things? Like the puppy i asked him to get me 13 yrs ago?

7:34 - Stop writing a.m due to laziness. Try to gulp down green tea. Must remember to give this to worst enemy... and dad!

7:45 - given Rs. 100 and asked to go buy milk and vegetables. Mouth opens to protest. Is shut by inhuman eyes of dad. Mental note to make that 4 cups of green tea for him... jasmine flavoured!

7:50 - Wear horrid rain jacket over night clothes and dad's slippers (to slush in the mud) ... climbing down stairs... and now face to face with hot neighbour who has become even hotter in the months gone without seeing him...

7:51 - Want to faint.

7:52 - Damn healthy green tea!

7:53 - Try to walk past with inner poise (watched bridget jones' previous night. Feels influenced)

7:54 - Step in mud, look around but neighbor not even glancing at display of public humiliation... inner poise is kaput.

7:55 - Buy vegetables. Half asleep and calculate wrong and pick a fight with the shop fellow. He takes pity and lets one go without scratch.

7:57 - proud of returning home without a scratch.

7 :57: 30 - Cute neighbour is still there. Orange t shirt (observe that it looks good on him) and shorts.

7:58 - Take phone out of pocket. Lucky! Some stupid fellow has called at 7 in the morning. Decide to call him back immediately. Might be some emergency. What if he is sick and drops dead by the time i reach the first floor?

7:59 - 'Redialling numer' Stupid fellow who called is busy on another call. Hmmpf!

8:00 - Neighbour still doesn't acknowledge my existence. Damn all cute guys!

8:01 - Now does not have an excuse to stay down. Decide to call Father P

8:02 - "Hello?" "Pa do you need anything else? Don't make me go again after i come up" "Nothing. I have other work for you. Come up" "Sure you don't need anything? Nothing?" "Nothing"

8:03 - Daddy's birthday gift is jasmine green tea and cluttered room (his worst nightmare)

8:04 - Enter home, dump stuff on the table and pout at dad.

8:05 - "I forgot my phone in the car. Go get it" Grab key and rush down happy to realize that one has to pass by hot guy's house to get to car. Walk... walk.... walk....

8:06 - Jaw is open wide

8:06:10 - Cute guy leaning against car.

8:07 - Inner poise. Inner poise. Reach car. Fiddle with keys.

8:08 - Cute guy walks away, without looking.

8:09 - Stamp ground in frustration

8:10 - Uh oh! Cute guy sees ground stamping. Gives disgusted stare. Think of something smart to cover it up! "Damn apple". APPLE!?!?!??! OH MY!

8:11 - Wish to become invisible

8:12 - Commando skills improve after sneaking past cute guy's house, hopefully unnoticed. Going to consider applying for NSG. Or new business venture... something like 'Power Combat - Ability to sneak away during embarrassing situations'

8: 13 - Destination bed reached... Realize that cute guy not as good as Ashton Kutcher...

Bad time of india

Here are the answers to my intimate questions (ones that i need answers to desperately) at fortune teller genius (facebook) and the magic ball.. both seem to have decided that i must never be happy :|

Fortune teller

Q: Will i stop biting my nails?
A: Yes of course

Q: Will my cute neighbour like me? like EVER?
A: Hmmm.. nope..

Q: Are you mad?
A: No

Q: Will i get first rank in college?
A: Of course not!

Q: Will i dominate the world?
A: Yes, definitely (this one i liked! :P )

Q: You sure that guy won't like me?
A: Don't waste your time on it ( :|)

Magic 8 ball:

Q: Will i get good marks in this assignment i just slogged on?
A: Outcasts say 25% (:( )

Q: Will i marry a hot guy?
A: My sources say no (Damn it!)

Q: Should i believe you?
A: I think so

Q: Are you sure?
A: All sources point to yes.

Q: Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
A: Yes (!!?!??!?!? :O )

There.. even a magic 8 ball has a partner :|

Kandhasaamy review

Father P's one word reviews without even watching the movie!

Father P comes this evening while my cousin discusses the sad movie that is Kandhasaamy with me. He asks "how's the movie?".. my cousin goes "horrible".

Father P goes "It must've been named 'Kandhal' ('in pieces' in Tamil) saamy'

Cousin is awe-struck...

---------------------------------------------the end-----------------------------------------------