Economics vs. Sleep

Before i begin writing about this 'controversial' subject, i'd like to say that it is not meant to offend or hurt anyone's sentiments but merely my own personal opinion.....

So... here i go.... for two years in high school, i unknowingly took up a rather bland subject called 'economics'... not that i chose to study it... but was forced as it was a compulsory subject in the stream that i took.... Hence began my love & (mostly) hate relationship with Oikenomia ( i think)..

In my 11th.. we whiled away time telling the teacher we were reading newspapers (which were a year old) to learn about economics and whiled away the year, only to blink at the exam papers and somehow we managed to scrape through and were on top of the world for partially mastering the most boring subject we could ever fathom. In my last year of school, the subject got a little more interesting... though i still slept through most of the classes (not like i ever listen in class.. its just not my 'cuppa tea', few topics did interest me (when my friend taught them to me on the eve of the examination)... the market economics... with its beautiful curvy diagrams that actually made sense to me... mono poly, duopoly, oligopoly, perfect market, imperfect... etc... they were a whole new world and i explored them much in detail (to the dismay of my fellow anti-economics companions). Finally, my 80% hate and 20% love for this subject came to an end (or so i thought) with the announcement of my public exam results in which i scored a proper 90% (my teacher was in shock for a few weeks following that!)

And so i joined college and picked a course totally against the laws of economics... Journalism... but as luck may have it... Alfred Marshall and Robert wats-his-name caught up with me again in the form of 'economic' issues in my fourth semester in college. Ahhh!! to think i almost spent two years without the taunting of that subject!!!

And history repeats... as the lecturer patiently drones on and on about unemployment, the new economic policy 'implemented by our now prime minister and then finance minister Dr. Manmohan Singh', the 70%-30% povery ratio, underemployment, my minds works kinda like this...

"Underemployment is a situation where there is very little work or a person......yada yada yada.... yawn! yawn! yawn!..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz...... (RING!!!) Huh!! what!?!"

This is only pertaining to me (and few other souls who will support me).. yet there are few in class who listen and hang on to every single word of the lecturer and they take down tonnes and tonnes of notes!!! (aaaaahhh!! i cannot write an essay about unemployment again!).... well, in a way their work provides me wit material for the exam (and Abhinaya i don't mean you, so continue your note spree).... so i shall not complain! :P

And this will go on till March till i let go of this menace forever... or so i think as of now... it may come back to haunt me again... and strangle me.. leaving me no space to breathe.. until i know the unemployment situation, the five year plans... the 11th FIVE YEAR PLAN!! OMG! WHAT A NIGHTMARE.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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VIDYA said...

:( i think economics is a WONDERFUL subject to learn, but some ppl make learning it so difficult, actually they make staying awake in tht class tough. i loved economics in school, my defntion for it- 'economics is what economics does' lol.
in my case, brings loadsa happiness

Moonlight n Magnolias said...

Economics is a very interesting subject!! And I love it :-)

Our economics teacher drones on and on in class, I agree.. :(

And the best part :- I bless you that thou shall become an economic journalist in a renowned business newspaper :-) :P

Elithraniel Arawion said...

thank u very much for d curse dear :(

Anonymous said...

Economics is my favorite engineering subject ;)