The Unfinished Brownie

A certain cafe (which recently renovated its look) right in the heart of C.P. Ramaswamy road ' has won my anger lately, ever since i subjected my unknowing father to tasting what i thought would be a 'delicous treat' - the infamous Brownie. We shall call the place, a 'roller coaster'.... cause... i can't directly give you the name but you would find its name if you know where to look for a roller coaster :) ! (I'm evil!)

You can't call me a regular customer since, since my nest is quite far from the place but i visited the place whenever i could (before i went on my death-defying diet, of course).. well.. on that particular day, in a state of total desperation, hunger and proximity, my dad and i ended up in 'roller coaster'.

The order, consisting of a sandwich and a frankie, took forever to reach us... and only then did i realise, that the frankie was cold, half baked and totally un-consumable. Fine... maybe these people weren't too good with frankies, i consoled myself and i invited my dad to a treat of brownie, which he had not tasted previously (And has promised not to do so after this incident!)...

We ordered a Brownie with Ice Cream but apparantly, the Ice Cream was on a holiday, so only the brownie was available. My dad asked for a coffee and a brownie, and after half hour of waitin, the waiter is called and he realises he's forgotten our order!! "Control!!!", i sighed.. I was on the brink of asking the management to shut down, after my mayonaisse clustered sandwich, which took me to the point of nausea and the un-baked frankie. And then it happened....

The brownie arrived, 'looking' sumptuous but as soon as we opened the wrapper i realised that it was one of the 'old' ones that had just been put in the oven. It wasn't soft and crunchy as it should be and was rather stale and hard. My father, not wanting to waste his cash, struggled through it, keeping a small piece for me (which has been left untouched in the photo). He was so unhappy about the brownie that i felt guilty for having brought him there in the first place. And the coffee was totally forgotten, following which my father lost his patience and canceled the order.

The experience left me seething and very disappointed in the way they treated customers who visited the place. On my previous visits, i had a fairly good impression on the cafe, which was now totally ruined and i promised never to eat there again, for the sake of my father who gave up Rs.45 for an old brownie, that really wasn't worth the effort my dad would've put in to earn that 45.

I had also vowed to become a food critic but was quick to withdraw my oath owing to obese circumstances!


Moonlight n Magnolias said...


Btw, you aren't s'posed 2 be eating sinful things like brownies and frankies anusha darling.. tut tut! no! :P

Elithraniel Arawion said...

i didn't eat darling... my untouched piece lays still posing for that photo :P