A tribute....:P

Well... here's a breaker..... THIS POST IS A TRIBUTE TO MY BLOG GURU... MOONLIGHT N MAGNOLIAS... LOL...Ishwariya (did i spell that right?!?) i mean.... its bcoz of the continuous tutoring of this person that my blog is up and active today.... so cheers woman!!!!!!!!! And THANKS loads for patiently enduring my endless nagging and my never ending river of questions. She's also almost the first one to read my posts :) ..... and always gives me nice comments... lolz... except the one about the brownie :P thats alright... i forgive you ;) !!!! Anyway... here's a cheer to the guru who has educated me much on blogging and wishes to her to fulfill her awesome IAS dream (yea, she's studying really hard. Padips!)..... :p I've therefore appointed her my techno guru (who asks me also doubts... hehehe... can u believe that?? Not like i'm techno impaired though!)....

Misty a.k.a Elithraniel and last but not least Anusha (most un-creative, un-imaginative of the lost! Thats because i didn't pick it!!!!!!!!!!!)


Moonlight n Magnolias said...

Thanks ma :)

And of late, u have been becoming my blog guru.. with our template changing adventure :)


Elithraniel Arawion said...

The adventure has been a BIG success :)