Musings of a sentimental idiot....

A sentimental idiot.... is a person who gets emotional for almost everything right from a pin dropping to the ground to seeing woman beating her chest in misery due to the passing away of a dear one (not related to this person!)... well.. why am i sitting here on a chilly, rainy day writing about such a person? Am i one of them? Maybe... maybe you are too.. I'm writing because that person is in each of us, man or woman, strong or weak.

U need not be an emotional wreck to be a sentimental idiot, saving everything from a pen to a chocolate wrapper if you break up with your partner. Maybe those things mean something to you or maybe you just don't want to let go. Thats alright. Everyone has to hold on to certain memories. Good or bad, they're totally your choice. Don't listen when a friend comes up to you saying "you need to move on, RIGHT NOW!". It'll take time. But nod your head to her/him, just to make them feel that they've helped out.

You needn't be a 'crying' girl/boy to be a sentimental idiot (SI). You may be one of those who can cry at the drop of a pin. Thats ok, too. As long as you know that once you cry it gets outta your system, its fine. Ah... i feel like i'm babbling without a break. What am i driving at?

Well... any kind of person can become an SI, even those of you who try so hard to cry but still tears don't come out and to those machos who think they can handle everything. These kind of people are the worst. Look closely at them. And you'll see the wear and tear of constant hurt. They are the total SI's. This may come as a relief to those cry baby's and emotional wrecks but well.. we're all just humans.

There has been all these symtoms in ma life. I have gone from being a person who was a spoilt brat who cried for everything, to an emotional wreck who didn't want to live, to myself as of now, a person who can't cry and who thinks i can handle everything on my own. And yes, i'm still an SI. Where is the proof, you may ask?

The proof is tucked away in a small cardboard box in my room, filled with treasured memoires from times i don't want to forget. I have a pen my friend tossed away, not knowing that its with me now, an eraser that was given to me by a classmate from school, a tic tac box my aunt gave me four years ago when she came for a week, a boat shaped purse, my very first friend gave me on my birthday, when i joined a new school, i still have all the keychains my friends gave me, even though a couple are broken, I have a couple of chocolate wrappers from years ago when my cousins visited, a broken 10 year old watch presented by my aunt, a notepad my friend once thrust into my hand and other 'junk' that stir so many good memories inside. And i didn't even have to look at the box to write what was in it. I knew it all by heart.

So its not bad to hold on to memories. And its not so bad to be an SI, after all. Because, it only helps us to recall halcyon days, that would otherwise not be so vivid.


Moonlight n Magnolias said...

Appearances are often deceptive!

Thats very true :)