Hear ye, hear ye!

I can't believe i missed my 100th post! Dam.. how stupid can i get? So, i'm using the 101th... i mean 101st post to write what i should have written in my 100th post. Dam those numbers! They always confuse me... now you know why i was cribbing about taking maths as my IDE!!!!! Anyway... my blog turned 100 yesterday and i didn't notice (don't cry, dear bloggie, at least i am only 24 hrs late.. yes yes i know u want to delete yourself and disown me but you don't push the buttons here... i do... sorry)...

For my 100th post, I wanted to thank all those people who've actually read my blog regularly... and so here i go.. i'll try to be all senti and mushy.. pardon the humor, if there is any :)

Before i thank all you guys individually for keepin me going.. i'd like to say i wouldn't hav bothered coming so far if i didn't have your comments and your feedback :) I thank all of ya from the bottom of my socks *that is now black in colour* for your support. I will try to remember and mention each one of you. In case i forget.. please ping me and i'll add you here.. please pardon my crappy memory

Here's the list :)

Iyshu - She is my blog maathe! She made me start the blog, helped me with the basics and has continued to read my blog along the year :) I lowe you iyshu... thanks for readin up no matter what crap i write and you always have a comment (except on a couple of occasions, for which i forgive you! :P ) . You are not only a great commenter online but also offline in class when i bug you as you immerse yourself in Harry Potter. And remember the post we wrote about each other?

Vidya - This gal is super.. comes in flashes and gives amazing comments. Her blog updates somehow never show on my blog roll and i keep complaining that she doesn't update though she does. I'm sorry about that :P She is very keen on asking me if i update my blog and comments on posts she finds funny.. if she doesn't find them funny (Which is most of them), she doesn't comment! Sigh..

Chriz - My very first blogger buddy :) He's super funny.. amazing fun to talk to.. keeps pulling my legs.. someday my legs are gonna come outta and then it will HIT him! Anyway.. i love his comments tho i keep retorting back. And he always has a kind word or two.. and i'd say something else about him here but he'll kill me.. so i'll keep quiet :P .. Thanks for being a great friend :)

Sindhiya - Now.. this chick is someone i really have to apologise to. She has given the best comments on few of my posts till date. Somewhere along the line, i shoo'ed her away from my blog.. and she has point blank refused to come back again. *Gets down on one knee and yelps in pain* i'm sorry sindhiya! I hope you will become my follower again :( Missing your comments here.. really...

Swetha - This gal is silent reader. She will screw my ass if i don't tell her about any updates i make on my blog. And she thinks i have a great sense of humor ( which i think i don't).. anyway.. she comments when she wants to and they're always nice comments :) Lowe u too ma

Thoorika - This child will NEVER change. She s my CNB - Chief of Nonsense Bureau :P I keep tellin her also to update her blog but she keeps askin me for ideas to write on! Like i write on ideas.. i write from the bulbs i get everyday.. and her comments are always mean and sarcastic! I'm kidding.. keep readin mine gal.. even if u don't update urs.. and write more love stories ;) hahaha

Nandhini - This DOG will never update her blog. She is THE MOST LAZIEST person i've ever met. She s an amazing writer but she thinks she's mediocre. She's good at sarcasm but she thinks she can't make a joke. She USED to read my blog. Now she doesn't. Nonsense gal. Do come back :)

Mayz - This guy's poems are MIND BLOWING. I'm a really BIG BIG fan of his poems. He just hits you right on target. He's also an amazing blog friend... keeps insulting my hindi.. but that's ok.. because i don't know hindi.. by the end of this year i'll make sure i know more than you :P Besides.. i'm three generations younger than u.. like u said.. hahahaa

The ARC - My blog THANGACHI... who is 5 months younger to me but talks like she's 30. This gal is another amazing amazing writer. Is frustrated with college.. like me... and is jealous of my job :) hahaha.. lifts me up when i'm down and puts me down when i'm up.. kidding ;P is currently mad at me as i haven't commented on her posts.. its ok thangachi.. i will do so

Lokpria - She reads my blog whenever she can. She's a brilliant political analyst. Hope she maintains her blog according to her passion :) Lowe u maaaa

Vipasha - She will comment on posts that pertain to her only :P hehehehe.. Vipasha.. please please update ur blog.. u probably won't read this post anyway :P

Pratap - This guy never comments on the blog. Cause everytime i ask him to comment he'll comment in my chat window instead! Bloody talented designer.. does all my college projects for me :P and tells me i rant in style.. lol.. thanks for reading :)

Jammy - I am his official biggest fan, coming in toe with Chriz who would have married jammy if he could have. This guy is hillarious and he's damn sweet. 'India's funniest blogger' :) I have nothing but respect for him. Honoured that he reads my blog too :)

Rakesh - There are two rakesh's who comment (the 's is wrong there i know)... want to thank both of them for reading my blog :) nice to have you guys here :)

Multimenon - Has a super blog. I love the way he writes. And he's my newest blogger friend ;) Thanks for reading man :)

Abhishek - Super sense of homour (changed) ;).. and he always comments nice things on my blog.. :P that's y i like him.. hehehe..

Vikas - The other IIT boy... genius in the making.. also keeps pulling my leg.. :) Thanks man..

Kitty - Calls me Val Helsing for some reason. Nice blog friend.. gives honest comments :) Thanks

BBlurts - Thanks for readin my blog :)

Swati - She reads posts now and then.. radical feminist.. love her comments.. thanks dude

Keshi - You're absolutely brilliant.. :) Thanks for readin my blog

Gerimox - Thanks for the comments :) Keep reading my blog :)

I hope i've mentioned everyone. Others who've read my blog also have my thanks.. just ping me if i've left our ur name.. i'll add it asap! :)

Yes yes, a very mushy post.. violation of another resolution :P hahaha.. Thanks guys! You rock! :)


mayz said...

m waitin for d day u wud kno more hindi than me...i'll tk u to zara's...promise :D

hey n v had decided on 2 1/2 generations...

anyway congratulatios on ur 100th n 101st post....hehehehe!!!

cant wait to read ur 202nd one :D

Thoorika said...

I don get bulbs like you often.. tats the reason behind my not updating the blog tat much... !! and my comments are supposed to sound sarcastic nly.. !! Happy tat u got the point.. !! :P and finally u don love me? :(

Swetha said...

now a days u give prompt updtaes abt ur blog... but make sure u do it always.. and hey i have commented to al the posts tat i have read so far(except for one or two :P :P) thou shalt forgive me for tat :P..

anyways.. congrats on ur 100th oops sorry 101th post ;)keep going.. :) all the best :)

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ mayz

u sure abt zaras? or r u jus sayin that coz u'll never come to chennai

hahah thanks ;P

@ thoo..

of course i lowe u maaa.. ur my CNB

@ swetha
Thanks de.. will promptly update u ma'am.. yes ma'am.. ur forgiven ;)
yes ma'am :)

ABHISHEK SiM said...

Congratz! for the 101st post!!

"super-sarcasm"?!! oh thank you. i m honored to be mentioned.

so - wat else? zoom your way to 200!!
best wishes :D

vidya said...

woeeeyyyyy, happy 100 bloggieee, u shld tell wolf akka to buy you sipup.

and the reason i dont comment on ur so called 'un -funny' posts s coz i am usually trying to find my nose that fell off after vigorous laughter by the time iam done reading , heard of 'laughing your nose off'?

ohh btw i finaly figured why you dont get my updates, coz am NOT on ur blogroll :p bumer!

rock on, and keep the pun and fun coming.
You should write a poem abt Hod, Happyity new year

Archana said...

My blog THANGACHI... who is 5 months younger to me but talks like she's 30.

Aiyo, Yakka, Touch pannitae Po:P

"puts me down when i'm up.. " Apdiyaa? This is dhrogam of highest order;-)
Hey, nee enkitta adikadi asingama bulb vaangardha inga mention pannilayae:P Prestige problemnaa i can understand,Lol

Thank You sis, seriously and Many Many Congratulations!

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ abhishek

;) hahaha.. i actually meant to say u hav good sense o humor.. don take that wrong :P

@ vidya..

will do so as soon as possi.. n thanks for laughin ur nose off.. and U R ON MY BLOG ROLL.. OPEN UR EYES


shhh! don manatha vaangify me today atleast

jammy said...

thanks mate...u being too good to me. wonder when the catch is coming... :-P

Chriz said...


hehehe... thats a great blog party you have offered to your friends through this one.. thanks mate...
keep writing...

and considering the marriage with jammy, oiiii !! innaaaa? enakku innum kalyaanam aagala!!! ooorukulla dont create kulappams..

anyways.. congrats sistaaaa. keep going and hit the targets..

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ jammy

'catch'- coming soon to a reality near you.. :P

@ chriz

thank u thank u brotha.. i know ur nt married yet... paavam.. don will.. this yr u will get some gal :P

MultiMenon said...

oh wow..Congos on the 100th post..It felt nice seein ma name to on the post..Honoured!! :)

great goin gl..keep up the good work..

cheers.. :)
take care

ABHISHEK SiM said...

"Super sense of humor"?? - You dampened the whole effect.

No keep the change, give me the coins.

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ multi

:) atlast i know ur name

@ abhishek


Kitty said...

Thanks yaar I didn't think I ll have my name in the list.

Honestly I would hav stopped blogging without u.

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ kitty:

same here :P

Kitty said...

Sweet:-) Lie though.

And Haven u watched the movie Van Helsingh in that movie the hero converts himself to a Warewolf to kill Dracula thats y i nicnamed u so.

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ kitty

ahh! so that's y. :P thanks for tat.. and no i'm not lying,,

gerimox said...

congrats on your century!!:)
And keep up the good work regarding the 'revival' of the englipis :P

A mazed Mind Speaks said...

hey gal congrats on ur 100 th blog it suprises me dat u actually tried d mushy stuff lol anyways gud attempt keep writing:) all d best:)

Vikas Shenoy said...


Four things:

1. Am honoured to find a mention. Thanks.
2. Your subtle request to stop pulling your leg has fallen on deaf ears!
3. Other IIT boy??!! - I am _the_ IIT boy. :-P
4. Go to point number 1.

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ gerimox

aye aye, captain!

@ loki

hahaha :P

@ vikas

:( how do u manage to pull my legs in ur comments also... meanie~!

Moonlight n Magnolias said...

CONGRATS on your 100th post! :)

Heyy... "Blog maathe"... thats nice :)
And I see u've mentioned me at the very top of the list... thanks for that... and I am very glad that I encouraged you to blog! :D

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ iyshu

i've written ppl in chronological order.. u were the first to read my blog :)