Mytery behind the Chris-story - II

Chapter - I

June 22, 1973
Somewhere in the middle of nowhere

Why does the world insist on falling on the head of a 26 yr old who's only aim in life is to live? I don't know. I am a simple person. I don't have too much brains but i wouldn't say i don't have any either. I'm not a joker nor a grumbler. I am a normal young man who wants some adventure in his mundane life.

I'm no writer but yet i sit down to pen my words in this diary. I'm no poet, yet today i feel like William Wordsworth. Such was the impact that she had on me.... my love.... i wish to write for her, a poem that i have never attempted to write before.

Girl, girl, next to me,
Turn your head, not because its neat.
Idiot! Fool! Can't you see,
Your heels are killing my bloody feet!

Who am i kidding? I still can't write a single word!

Anyway, getting back to me, i had to have a little adventure in live. And i didn't know how. This afternoon, i heard my mother talking to the maid about a haunted house near the beach. Haunted?! my ears perked up from my lazy slumber. Yes, this is the perfect opportunity for some masth in my life. The spice for my food. The.... uh... i think i just ran out of unnecessary words..

So i decided to embark upon this mission to restore zest into my life. And i had to be prepared. Hence i the anti-ghost kid that i stocked under my bed since i was 7 (to ward away nasty peoples like Wee Willie Winkie)... the kit had amazing ghost busting instruments such as garlic, dirty socks, a mirror, a photo of me when i was 7, my mother's perfume, an old underwear i had found in under my bed years ago (its red in colour) and my ever growing collection of 'aatu pulukais'. Kit in hand, bat in another, i marched upto the beach, chest out, nose up, forward march!

And as i trodded up the sand toward the corner, to the house i saw her.... she was walking away from the surf to the sand. Red bikini clad, her long black hair wet and dancing to the wind's tunes, she was walking toward me. I couldn't see her face clearly at first. She seemed a little skinny but 'that's ok', i thought. As her figure loomed closer, my eyes grew wider. It was her... yes, i had found the love of my life...

I went upto her as she was drying her hair. As i came closer i suddenly caught a foul smell. It was the smell of dead, decaying rat. As i neared her, the smell became more prominant and for a fleeting second i thought it was coming from her. But i immediately dismissed it pointing to myself that she must've been standing somewhere near a dead animal and smiled at her and said 'hello'.

"What?" she looked up. She had fish shaped eyes (that was all i could make out behind the glasses), very long lusterous black hair, rosy cheeks (a tad too much, i thought) and slightly discoloured lips. But she looked gorgeous all the same. "Hi, i'm chris. May i know your name?", i asked, putting up the 'gentleman' act. "I'm RS", she replied, leaving me baffled. What sort of a name was that? "Is there a full form for it?", i urged. "Not one that you should know", she retorted. Ok, this was not going as i had planned.

"Would you like to go for a walk?", i changed the topic. "Umm.. i'm kinda busy now. Can you wait a few minutes?", she gestured to her towel still clutching her wet hair. "Uh.. .yeah.. sure no problem. I'll just stand here. Let me know when you're ready" I nodded and face down, stood my groun.

After what seemed like an eternity, she nudged my shoulder. I looked up and found her dressed (slight disappointment). She was wearing a jeans and a t shirt that seemed to stick to her skinny frame. Overall, i came to the conclusion that she must've had a very malnourished childhood. I'll feed her back to health, i heard myself say.

As we walked, and neared the haunted house, i was itching to tell her about my adventure. We had a breezy light conversation and though she did nod at appropriate times and laugh at the correct pauses, i felt she was a little dumb and didn't get all my 'witty' jokes. Thats' ok, dumb girls are innocent too, i thought.

I couldn't contain myself after a point and excitedly told her about my plan to investigate the haunted house and get to the crux of the issue. She suddenly gasped and clutched the front of my shirt. "Don't!", she said, her eyes wide with fear.


Chriz said...

but lemme tell you one thing.. its chriz and not chris...

and did you ever go under my bed? how did the aatu pulukkais reach there?

Elithraniel Arawion said...

i like chris only.. i will use that only.. and that is u only!

Thoorika said...

ok.. so far so good.. decent a dha pogudhu.. enna.. chriz ode manathe rombo vangure.. !

nan said...

the goings good....he he n you broke it abrupt!!!with your next post pronto!:P

S said...

good going.. but you need to step up the gas i guess.... floor the pedal buddy :)

Flashbacks are supposed to be interesting and fast paced



Keshi said...

omg u've written the 2nd part already! And I didnt even read the first one. :( I'll come bak to read it ok. I hv been quit e busy lately.


Chriz said...

danguvaar pinjhudum

mayz said...

oh man 2nd part alrdy...sry been away from bloggin for d last few days...will read dat n come back for more...sounds pretty interestin...

CяŷştąŁ said...

This is about my Chrissy boy? :P

You got under his bed?..tch tch!

Anonymous said...

I am loving this! LoL it is like she is almost playin hard to get..

Now i have to move on to the next one!