International Issues flowings from insides

So today we had our international issues exam.. and god forbid.. as usuall... all questions from outside syllabus... i guess from semester we need to study what is NOT THERE in the syllabus rather than studying what is there... not that i made much effort to study.. i knew the paper would be shit and i have to bull shit... so i didn't prepare much... here's a dose of my answers today.. (btw... plz pray i pass my exam)

Section A

1. What is cold war
US and USSR soldiers caught a cold when they were fighting.. so since they had cold they couldn't use guns.. instead they spread the disease by sneezing at each other. That's why it is called Cold War

2. Agra summit
Summit (slang for something) to do with Agra...

3. Hegemony
Hag-a-money. A hag is an old ugly woman with warts all over her face. When hags have money, they are called hegemony. In England they were called hag-a-money only but french changed it to hegemony with their ridiculous pronounciation.

4. NSG
Natural Student Gas (on the paper). 0% steel 100% gas. This group was formed to make sure professional bull shitters are honoured. It has 45 premium members. I have applied for membership.

5. Facebook
Stance of a Student on the eve before exam. It's otherwise called face-in-book or face-flat-on-book. Kidding. I know the answer for this one!

6. War on terror
All staff of the college have indulged in war on terror against students because of the pranks played on them. They have sanctioned NQFS Act. The No Questions From Syllabus Act, 2008. It has been implemented in this exam also.

7. Trace the activities and growth of LTTE.
Please refer current affairs paper, page 6 written on 16th October

8. Write short notes on blogger
I wish i could write 'short notes' on blogger logo but he will sue me for it. But you can visit my blog anytime. I will photoshop the image and put it up.

9. Information society is knowledge society - Explain
Information society has alot of information on information as it collects information and distributes information and that is why the information is called information society cause it gives alot of information about information. Information society is knowledge society. Information society is best society.

10. Cause and consequences of World War II
Friends, Romans, Indians, Countrymen! Lend me your ears! World War II was faught in 1939 but since i wasn't born then, i'm very sorry to inform you that i do not have authentic details. And i only accept what i see. Since i do not have proof that these people have given correct information and the source is not authentic, i may not be able to attempt the answer. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

You have all the qualities to be the next shashi tharoor.. haha.. shall i send the blog to him? ;)

Thoorika said...

We slogged like anythin trying to study.. I slept at 4.. and nothing came.. !!!!! Hmph!!! BUt I pity the guy who is gonna read the papers and correct it.. Really !!!

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ prabu
hahaha.. sure try sending :P

@ thoorika
i know ma!! i'm very uppseettt with HOD ma...

Moonlight n Magnolias said...

ha ha... hilarious as usual!! =))

Chriz said...

haha... hmmmm human gas..?

Chriz said...

another good one. way to go KID

mayz said...

lol that hegemony had me rollinon d floor...loved dat french

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ chriz
thank u uncle!

lol thanks :P the first time i heard the word 'hag' was in 'scarlet pimpernal'.. and it was placed in france.. so.. the french connection :P

Anonymous said...

I suck coz I only appear to be able to think of one joke and one joke alone...

Why did the plane crash into the house????