I never told you....

Father, i wish to tell you today,
What i never told you before.
I only want you to listen to what i want to say,
Don't praise, don't argue, just listen and no more.

I remember those days when i was small,
You'd deck me up for school and leave me at the gate.
I'd walk away without a smile and your face would fall,
But you'd smile anyway consoling yourself that i was probably late.

When i grew older i was a handful,
I'd yell and shout and wish you wouldn't care.
But when i got home late at nights you were just thankful,
You didn't for once think what i was doing wasn't fair.

I'd be out for hours and when i'm home,
I wouldn't talk to you and rush into my room.
I'd spend days talking on the phone,
And wouldn't come to you when you asked me to, soon.

I know sometimes you had wished you could talk,
But i never cared and carried on with my life.
In the end, when life became a mess, you stood by me like a rock,
Now, guilt pierces me like a knife.

I know when you told me about things like drugs,
I would just nod and walk away.
I never thought you would need a hug,
You seemed so strong, i didn't see any reason to stay.

Now i know, father, what i have done,
And i live with the guilt that age brings on.
I wish i could make it all undone,
But it's all over, it's all gone.

Now Father, i wish to tell you today,
What i have never told you before.
I only want you to listen to what i want to say,
Don't praise, don't argue, just listen and no more.

I have never told you what i think of you,
I was too shy to let it go.
I think no one can get a father like you, dad, it's true,
Shh! I don't want to share you so don't let others know.


Sindhiya said...

how touching... guess u r still too shy or proud to tell ur dad these things..

Elithraniel Arawion said...

haha... yeah i am actually :P

Thoorika said...
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Thoorika said...

Awwww.. Its something which we always want to tell to our parents.. But never able to!

mayz said...

this reminded me of a song
cats in d cradle by harry chaplin...

really nice post...loved every word of it...

blogrollin ya

Chriz said...

lovely.. your dad would be happy to read this..

emotional brilliance at its very best..

bhawana kapoor said...

Nice ..I loved the picture!! :))

Good your expressing yourself, better late than never

Moonlight n Magnolias said...

Awesome poem de... and very true... and this is a problem with me too... I dont really express myself either...!

Elithraniel Arawion said...

haha.. yeah very true... we lead them to think we never care.. but only we know its not true..

thanks dude.. welcome to ma blog :) m blogrollin ya too :)

@ chriz
emotional brilliance? coming from you.. i'll take that as a very BIG compliment :P

that's me n ma dad... hehehe.. thanks for readin ma poem.. u got a nice blog... :) just went thru it..

@ iyshwarya
yes i know... we all hav the same problems

VIDYA said...

:) really nice poem!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Just like my dad :)

Elithraniel Arawion said...