Sweeping someone off their feet.

Now, i'm not really into research and analysis et all but today as i was watching a 'Varanam Aayiram' song video, i hear Suriya mutter this punch dialogue to his lady love "I'll come for you and i'll sweet you off your feet". Now this expression 'sweeping someone off their feet' sent my abnormal brain into deep thought and this brain quickly brought up a theisis on the expression itself!

'Sweeping' someone off their feet can mean two things:

1. Sweeping with a broom 'off' their feet, meaning, somewhere around, inbetween or in the vicinity of their feet.

2. Sweeping them off their feet >> using a broom to trip them so that they are totally 'off' their feet or hitting them with a broom until they are down on their knees. Now they're on their knees, not feet, right?

Do you get it?

Now why would someone want to do that to someone they love? It is beyond me. Let us consider both situations alright? And consider yourself in the middle of each and trying to propose to someone you love.

Situation 1:

"I will come for you and i will sweep you off your feet"

Action: The person standing in front of you and you take up a broom and start sweeping around them. Actually, if you are a guy, this might sound grim! But looking on the brighter side, the girl might actually accept you for one of the following reasons :

  • She thinks you'll make a good house husband
  • She thinks your broom is a good one
  • She thinks your a part of the witches committe
  • She thinks you are dumb, which is an added advantage
  • She's a dominatrix whose sole aim in life is to make men sweep floors.

If you're a girl, well, consider yourself married by next monday!

Situation 2:

"I will come for you and i will sweep you off your feet"

Action: The person is standing in front of you. You take a broom and start beating them up or tripping them, both of which ain't a very bright aspect. But..... but... they may accept you still because:

  • They will be tripping and hitting other parts (oww!) of you very soon
  • They think you will stop beating them if they accept
  • You them a good back/foot massage that cured an annoying crick in their back/foot that has been there for years.
  • They think you are trying to drive a deadly spirit out of them
  • You are putting them to the test with a very weirdly done obstacle course

So there's my analysis of this very peculiar situation. It might not be a thorough analysis but it is one still. And it will make you think the next time you use that word to propose your love to someone... hahaha.. i've expertly ruined one of the most romantic english idioms ever :P And i'm proud of it.


BloggerMouth said...

Holidays are boring you wayyy to much lol thankfully you're not THAT much of a PJ (Poor Joke) person :P

Swetha said...

Definetly u have ruined one beautiful phrase, but stil its hilarious.. i am proud of u maaa :)

franc said...

Now I know why u didn't get a boyfriend... U went to propose him with a broom :D

Archana said...

Adipaavi. Evlo kashtapattu ezhudirpaan. Epdi pannita.

I hereby declare to none that Anusha has gone to levels of absoluteness in vetti existence.

Go girl, go!

Archana said...

Oye, i don't find my new wordpress link in the blog roll..Change it, asap:P

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ swati

hehehee i know.. its way to boring

@ swe

thank u.. and stop copyin ma status msges!!

@ franc

it was s'posed to b a secret.. shhhh!

@ arc

lol... es es... naanum kashapatu keduthuten

Kitty said...

I really agree u r good at English and I don't think u have to prove this to anyone this way.

Honestly to everyone who felt this post hilarious 'Hats of to their humor sense'.

@Van Helsing
I really love ur blog and posts but this one hmmm.. next time ask me on what to write.

Moonlight n Magnolias said...

I totally agree with Franc!!!

Now I know why u REALLY dont have a boyfriend... you must have thought that proprosing to him by beating him with a broomstick might be romantic! :P

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ kitty

that was mean... :P

@ iysh

stop commenting on my personal life.. lol

Kitty said...

What do u call mean..

Anonymous said...

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