Quantum of Solace.... What? Who? How? Where? When?

Before i go on to my highly shitty review, i want to list down points why people generally head to theatres, paying around Rs.200 to watch a James Bond movie:

a. The Man himself
b. The babes
c. Gadgets
d. The Bond CAR
e. Action sequences
f. Alot of womanising!

If you put an 'x' against b,c,d,e,f what do you get? A really bad James Bond movie! And that's exactly what Quantum of Solace is!

After an overly exaggerated review from a hyper enthu friend- who booked tickets without asking me by the way- i went to the theater, hoping to be surprised, enthralled, awed and flabbergasted. And i returned 'DISAPPOINTED'

I've been a bond fan since forever, treasuring every single Pierce Brosnan movie since i watched my very first 007 flickl; 'golden eye' and fell in love with the charming secret agent, his suaveness, the gadgets, the car and the fight sequences.

'Casino Royal' was good, not because it had Daniel Craig but because of the story line. I had never thought Daniel suited the role of 007 and i refused to accept him as a replacement to Brosnan but i should say he is the only saving grace in the entire movie which, at the end of it, leaves a confused audience wondering if they had watched a bond movie at all.

Bond is on a mission of vengence to avenge those who killed Vesper. Well, for one, i thought Bond didn't get emotional and revengeful about his women. And 2. Why the hell is he a madman killing everyone in his wake in this movie?!

Anyway...he traces down the mysterious Mr. White and brings it to M who interrogate him about his organisation 'quantum'. Anyway... M's bodyguard turns traitor and lets white escape... then Bond tracks the bodyguard and kills him, which upsets money M.

Bond is out for vengence and does not care for anyone in his way. He kills left and right like a madman and M is outraged and wants bond back but he does not listen. He is joined by Camille, and they both track down a eco loving philantrophist who's in a battle to claim a particular clump of land in Bolivia. For what reason? That's about the only reason for the movie so i'm not gonna tell you.

Anyway... there are absolutely no bond-style gadgets and WHERE THE HELL IS THE ASTON MARTIN? God, i never knew i could miss a car so much in a movie! Craig's bond drives around in stolen motorbikes and battered cars and is so not his usual sophisticated style. I understand that its a new bond era but isn't James Bond all about the gadgets and the charm? God, Brosnan i miss you!

Craig does wear tuxedos in a couple of scenes but the bond flavour is completely lost in it... Besides which half way through the movie i had already made up my mind that it was all a dream and that i wasn't really watching the james bond flick. I mean, we see bond for the outrageous plots and the even more outrageous bond escapades. It has nothing to do with bond sulking over a lover, wanting to kill anyone who had anything to do with the murder.

Ok, i guess i'm trashing Daniel Craig too much. Let's give him a compliment. He looked dashing in some scenes, kinda old in others. But he's pulled off the scenes as best as he could and he's the only reason you would want to watch the movie.

Oh before i forget, there are nooooooooooooooo, absolutely nooooooooooooooo romantic scenes. Yes, i know you are asking the same question. What have you done with 007?

And the title.. my god.. made me think it was some tale of tragedy. Ok i'm stopping here before i have people throwing knives at me. Anyway i'd say Quantom of Solace was a Quantum of Crap!

sans Craig (wink)


mayz said...

this still dsnt put me off from watchin d movie :D

Keshi said...

Im so not BONDing anymore! :):)


Chriz said...

brosnan could nt remove his shirt...
but craig could.. and for that matter sean connery could easily flaunt....

connery is always teh best bond

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ mayz
don't waste 2 hrs of ur precious time :P

@ keshi..
u said it woman

@ chris