Dad can drive.... sigh!

From the above title it is easy to come to the obvious conclusion that my dad can drive. Of course, he's been cruising behind a steering wheel for more than 3 decades. What more do u expect? The problem and the reason behind this post is the fact that because he knows how to drive... HE WONT LET ME!

This doesn't mean that he never lets me anywhere near the car. I do drive him around once in a while. Infact, i drive ONLY under his vigil. Because, the last time and the only time he let me out alone, i came back home with the rear part of the car smashed in. Err.... Nothing happened to me, don't worry. It was just the rear guard that got hit. Following that, my father has laid down strict rules that i shalt not use the car unless he is sitting right next to me.

That might not be so bad if HE LET ME DRIVE. Yesterday, I had to go somewhere for a 5 minute work and i asked dad if i could borrow the car. As you would have guessed, he decided to accompany me, since i'm still 12 years old and i cannot drive (that was sarcasm btw :P ). Anyhow... here's a conversation between my father in my subconscious mind:

Act 1 Scene 1

The parking lot at our apartment is narrow and it takes a little time to maneuver the car out of it. My dad, who had driven the car the previous night, had not put the gear back in neutral. I did not notice this. This is wat happened:

I turn key

Car lurches

My mind (MM): Dad must've left the gear on. Will change it to neutral and start again.

1 second later

I've left the gear on, don't you see? Where are your eyes? Don't look at that boy standing there. Look at the gear. Change it to neutral

Act 1 Scene 2:

As we wait to turn into the main road

MM: Here's a gap. I'll just put the indicator and turn.

.5 second later

Dad: There's a gap. Turn here. What are you doing? Put indicator. Do i have to tell you all this? And you want me to let you drive alone.

MM: Sigh...

Act 2 Scene 1

Driving down a considerably empty road.

MM: Let me shift to third gear.

1 second later

Dad: Shift to third gear now. Don't you know you have to shift gears? You are wasting my petrol! I am paying for it not you.

Act 2 Scene 2:
Nearing a red signal

MM: I'll just gradually push in the brakes from now on, so that it stops completely behind that innova.

1 second later

Dad: Put on the brake. Why are you driving at top speed when you know that the signal is red. You wil only hit that innova if you do. Step on the break gradually and halt there.

Act 3 Scene 1:

Nearing a one-way

MM: I think i should just take a U Turn here


Dad: Take a u turn. It's a one way. Can't you see? Blind girl. You are giving me tension every minute. Why can't you think all this for yourself? Why are you waiting for me to tell you?

MM: @#%@$@$@^@


Vikas Shenoy said...

It so seems your mind and action are not in sync - they are offset by about 0.5 to 1 seconds.

Think less. Do more. :-P

B Blurts said...

I didnt know the wolf was also Arawion... You drive???? Not bad!!! We are adults, time flies... come lets race

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ vikas

insult! :P

@ B

hahha.. glad u know now... :P sure, let race.. my dad in toe of course ;)

Kitty said...

U must hav been someone like Mahatma or Mother Teresa in ur previous life,
that is y u hav got such an wonderful father. But sorry for him, he got such a burden to handle

Moonlight n Magnolias said...

Lol!! Typical of u Anusha... ur dad is being protective and concerend!!! Understand that!!


Archana said...

Unna nambi veetla carlam kudukarangala?;-)

Keshi said...

:) cute post.


mayz said...

somehow i refrain on commentin on female shhh!!!

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ kitty
yes, he's wonderful.. except for when i'm driving :P

@ iysh
yes maaaaa

@ archana
adi paavi.. don do too much CHILD

@ keshi
hey long time :) thanks

@ mayz

gerimox said...

lol . . .mebbe u shud jus take the car out without his knowledge an go on a loong drive :D
shock therapy works at times!
den again it could backfire :P

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ gerimox

good point :P