When you aren't serious about a competitive exam....

1. You enter the exam hall armed with a ball point pen only and find people around you bringing customized stationary kits with pencils and pens of different sizes and colours, spending over ten minutes choosing the perfect instrument for the job.

2. You wear an oversized t shirt and jeans and find people in formals complete with vermillion on their forehead.

3. You relax in your chair and suddenly get goosebumps at the sight of a girl immersed in books even at the last minute. She seems to be possessed by the book. You clear your throat and try not to look at her.

4. You do not rush to open the seal of the question paper when the bell rings and use different methods to open it neatly and find the boy next to you shaking in fear at the precious 5 seconds lost in the process of opening his.

5. You use the only known method to answer unknown questions (which are most of the lot) 'inky pinky ponky...'. And alot of heads turn to face you, horror-struck. Oops...!

6. You while away time by shaking the desk which is already shaky and creating a tune out of it in the process.

7. You randomly circle answers and then realise you have negative marking for every wrong answer (shit!)

8. While you work out sums mentally (inky pinky style) you find your neighbours using their hands, legs, shoulders and everything else that is available to count and solve problems.

9. You finish the paper an hour in advance and yawn loudly only to find hostile stares and irritable clucks of tongues.

10. You know the right answer for the question but mark the wrong option because you are too busy trying to circle the option perfectly, tongue out, in extreme concentration and precision, that you fail to see which option you actually circled. (b...b...b...b.... shit i just circled d!)

11. You are totally against marking the same option more than twice. (a... this one's also a.... 3rd also a? no, i'll mark b. There hasn't been a 'b' in a long time)

12. At the end of the test you admire the answer pattern that you have come up with on the answer sheet, not worrying if the answers are right or wrong.

13. You take a 15 minute nap and wake up to find the bell ringing and think "At last!"

14. You fight to give your paper first while a girl in front of you fights to retain it and holds it close to her heart because she has '2 more questions to complete'

15. Finally, you look at the feedback column in the answer sheet and cannot gauge if the paper was 'tough' or 'easy' and decide to circle 'very easy' hoping the examiners will find the irony of the entire thing.

P.S: I did all this when i wrote my SNAP yesterday.


Chriz said...

i used to dream about my sexy boss in times like this.. do you do that too?

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ chriz


Rakesh Vanamali said...

So true! There were times when during the exams, I fell asleep too! ;)

Moonlight n Magnolias said...

Whattay de!!! I had a good laugh at your post... :)

But this is so-not-applicable 4 all practical purposes.. I, atleast take exams very seriously, and try to do my best!

Ok wait... strike out that last line... I havent started studying 4 my ide exam tomo yet... I m reading ur sidney sheldon book :|

blahh said...

Hehhehhehehe.......m still Snappin outta it :p

B Blurts said...
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Archana said...

Okay.When i was in my twelfth class there was this some-i-fogot-name council competitive exam. I strolled in as thou i was Einstein's twin mind and dozed off in about half hour because i din't follow the head or tail of the math section. I had a dream and I saw orlando Bloom eating Thair-saadam.I do not know why i am writing this here stupidly confirming its somehow relevant,but i don't really know now what to be writing because unfortunately i am so damn been in a quasi-state for long and thank you, you have put me close to sleep now:P

Thoorika said...

how come you never do such stuff during semesters or internals?! huh?!

Honorary Git said...

okay, whats snap exactly?

i like this chriz dude... it's okay, i have a better idea of the boss in question ;)

OOOH!!! I TOTALLY go with points 11 and 12! Do that all the time!

Chriz said...


you dream about the rear end? am not asking more on this... dream on girl

mayz said...

well i agree with u markin "very easy" for SNAP

Rakesh said...

no good looking guys to dream about in the center?? poor you.. btw snap is supposed to be easy..!!

B Blurts said...

u wrote the symbiosis exam?? If you crack it its super!!! You'll have some amazing personalities around!!!

ABHISHEK SiM said...

point number 12 rocked! ( that is the most satisfying scene. One exam my darkened circles looked like a human in a poor resolution!)

i sometimes do a bit of pattern guessing too! "the circles seem to move from a to d in steps of 3. So this must be c"!

great post. how do you observe so many thing?That too in an exam hall!

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ Rakesh

i slept too.. high 5 :)

@ iysh

don talk u padips... u study soooo much

@ bla

ty :P welcome to ma blog.. keep coming

@ arc

your on a verbal diarrhea mode

@ thoorika

:P only for rare occasions

@ git


Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ chriz

shut up!

@ mayz

you are genius... not like me :P

@ B

i have no hopes man.. i didn't know a thing!

@ abhishek

i had lot of free time to observe ppl :P not like i was doin anything useful

Thoorika said...

You have been tagged! Check my blog!