The Illusion

I finally managed to clean my room yesterday. It took me two whole hours to set things straight in this messy little place and i found papers and papers of my really old poems. There were ones i wrote in school.

Back then i was called 'The Poet' :P because we had an exercise in class where one person had to come read their favorite poem everyday. And being the 'outstanding' students that we are, almost everyday people would forget to bring their poems and queue up in front of me. And during break i'd sit and write them one which they would read in class. The teacher would be bewildered and ask them who the poet was. And they would point at me. Ahhh.. what fun :P

This is a love poem i wrote in my 10th i think. It's bad and please spare that 10th kid who thought she could write :P . Ok shy is coming. But i'm brave enuf to publish this on my blog :P

I've got some 2 or three. I'll release them one by one. Here's this one.

My love, he stood right in front of me,
Those eyes that captured every-
moment, i wished that i could see,
But i couldn't; the irony.

For the last time i looked at him,
I reached out and touched his face.
An ocean of questions i had to swim,
To not cry and win this race.

But as he started to turn away,
My fear, my agony, they began to play.
Why i felt torn, i couldn't say,
And it pained me he had to go away.

He came close and lifted my face,
His eyes so soft, a sad smile.
My hand into this, then laced,
I wished, this moment, forever i could trace.

I stayed in his arms afraid to let go,
I did not want him to go away.
My pain, he too felt, i knew,
And peacefully there, for moments, i lay.

He smiled at me, one last time,
I stood there as he went away.
My life, my smiles, with him sublimed,
With no strength left, my knees buckled and gave way.

My eyes were closed and i could see,
Glimpses of a future, i had so carefully planned.
Those beautiful eyes never leaving me,
Everything was going, what i thought i had in hand.

It's not far but until the day i can see him again,
Blind to the world, shall stay my vision.
Living my life in a world with no pain,
Until he comes... my life.. an Illusion.


Anonymous said...

You wrote this one in your Tenth standard?! Not Bad At all , Dearie! Not bad at all:-) :-)
Tenthlayae indha vellalam aaamichitiyaa?:P

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ arc

aama.. unna maadri thane irupen.. un yakka ache :P Besides which i had a 10 minute deadline to adhere to :P

Chriz said...

when you extended your hand and touched his face, which part of his face did your fingers touch?
did you poke his nose?

kavalai padaadhey... you can poke his nose again.. he will come back...

Moonlight n Magnolias said...

Lol! u r a true romantic dahling!

On a more serious note, ur poems r really nice... post that "Love" poem.. the one starts with "There she goes, not looking back... My heart to call her, suddenly strength does lack..."

Moonlight n Magnolias said...

And also "Reflections"... the one believe u wrote abt urself...?

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ chriz

unna yaaravadhu padi nu sollangala

@ iysh

shall post them :)

B Blurts said...

Its so similar to the ALICE song.

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ b

i was young n bull shittin :P

mayz said...

u wrote this in 10th???? :o :o :o

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ mayz

ty :)