Dreams ... bah!

No, this one is not a sad post. It is not a post on careers gone waste and dreams not achieved. In fact, it has nothing to do with the word 'seriousness'. I'm tired of writing sad posts and i'm not a person who can stay sad for long. Atleast i don't want to be one :) . Well, last night as i tucked myself into bed i was fantasizing a love story between... ahem! i shalt not mention names here... anyway.... i was the female lead in the love story... i'll leave the male lead to your imagination. Anyway... i have this habit to telling stories to myself before i sleep. I play a story in my mind and usually just as it reaches a super climax i doze off... sigh...

They say if you think too hard about something before you sleep you dream about it. I think this is bull shit. I always think hard (sometimes i think so hard that i end up in the loo) about me swimming in a tub of chocolates, or in some mansion with my LOWE, moonlit walks, candle light dinners, puppies and writing something path breaking but you know what kinda dreams i get? I get dreams of failing a test, or my HOD giving me a lecture or a dog CHASING ME or a tsunami (i don't know why i'm traumatized by something i didn't even experience first hand). But this time, my dream was little different.

Anyway, i was playing this story in my mind about me and.... ahem! looking at the beach. Full moon, its rays casting beautiful colours on the sea. We had just had a candle lit dinner and we were walking hand in hand to the beach. Slowly as we approached the shore, the view was breath taking. As i sucked in the fresh air, i turned to see ... ahem!... on one knee and he was smiling up at me... He took my hand and kissed it. He then opened his mouth and said......

I don't know what he said. I slept. Damn it. Someday i'm going to have to push the fast forward button on my stories so that i get to the good parts soon...

Anyway... in my dream the situation continued. I was surprised.. i mean in my dream i was surprised that my man was still in front of my on one knee. Weird? I thought so too. He was again repeating taking my hand (this part sounds like a mega serial continuing from the last five minutes again the next day) and as he placed it to his mouth he turned into a cobra!!!!

I'm not particularly scared of snakes, maybe because i've never been infront of one but i get constant dreams of snakes and dogs chasing me. Maybe that's to give me exercise in my dreams since i don't really exercise in reality.. hmmm... anyway.. he changed into a cobra that was MULTICOLOURED! Being kissed by a cobra is bad enough but a VIBGYOR one? please... my dreams never cease to surprise me...

Either ways, when i saw the cobra i started running and the cobra was chasing me. Somehow as i try to outrun the cobra on the romantic beach, a giant wave starts forming and i stand and stare at it and the cobra disappears into thin air.

In my dream i suddenly remember how a lady and her dad hug before a wave hits them in 'Deep Impact' and i search for someone to hug but i'm alone. I run again and there is a house. It's my house. I get into it and lock the door. I think the giant killer wave took the role of 'big bad wolf' in 'three little pigs' coz how much ever it 'huffed and puffed' on my door, it couldn't get in and it went around my house! lol... i had to laugh here.. sorry.. :P let us continue

I turn and find that my house is this museum turned home ( i genuinely don't know where that came from). There were old paintings (including the Mona Lisa and last supper.. probably Da Vinci Code influence) and dinosaur exhibits. But the whole place was furnished amazingly with vintage furniture and decorations, just the way i've always imagined.

Suddenly some random fellow comes out of nowhere and asks me to cook him dinner. I stare at him. Subconsciously in the dream i know he is my HUSBAND! I'm flabbergasted. But i'm confused. I know i'm not married. I wonder if my dad secretly got me married when i was sleeping. Then i remember that i'm actually in a dream and this guy was just a figment of my imagination.

I shook my self awake and spent a good 5 minutes laughing over it. Then i lay back down and slept.

This time i found an old man in a 'Transformers' style robot body with his head alone human like. He looked vaguely like Geoffrey Boycott. I don't know why he came in my dream with his slurred english but he was talking to me about alien invasion and he suddenly morphed into a super cool ferrari and i felt like Samuel Witwicky (i hope that spellin is right. for those of you who didn't see transformers he's the male lead).... and the car was operatin by itself and it took me to this forest where i found.... ahem! being abducted by aliens. Someone fights, someone rescues ahem! and he wants to thank me for saving his life ( i don't know what i was doing during the fight).

He bends on one knee, takes my hand, kisses it and says........... "Thanks buddy!". And i hear a distinct voice shouting "WAKE UP ITS 10 o CLOCK!".

Sigh... Dreams are just BAH!


Moonlight n Magnolias said...

Lol... Anusha... u never cease to make me laugh... :P

Am I the only one who always sleeps dreamlessly??? :O

ABHISHEK SiM said...

Lolz! A bit weird - but a real funny one. ( Did I say 'a bit weird'? Sorry its very weird.)

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ iysh

thank u thank u :P

@ abhishek

tell me bout it!

Archana said...

Polygamy is listed as criminal considering that it was ablished in India post Mughals. I , as a sudden law enthusiast , have decided to sue you for breaching coned of the legal verses:P

Unakku idhu oovara terila? And what happened to Alaipayuthae:P Adhukulla...Wolfie, cha, i never expected this from you.

SighO Sigh.
Definitely, good to know that you are back in form:-0

mayz said...

hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! fantastic dream!!! i wonder y u spend so much goin for movies...jus sleep!!!

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ arc

where polygamy..??? same ahem! only thruout my dream.. cha

@ mayz

u have a point.. i think i shalt make movies in the future :P

Thoorika said...

Even i get 2 dreams every day!!! one in colour and one in black and white! :P

And I am very interested to know who is tat Mr. ahem?!

" AHem Ahem " :P

Swetha said...

even i get such weird dreams.. impossible things come onli in ma dream.. wierder than these :P.. anyways gud tat u are back to form :).. keep going :)

Stupidosaur said...

The tsunami turned into big bad wolf (conceptually). But since you are also a (sarcastic) wolf, that were-wolf turned into your am-husband of dream who asks you to cook dinner.

Nice and Mad dream!
Just like many of mine.

In one of my dreams I was Tympanic (something related to the ear), the younger brother of Titanic, who escaped drowning by tying to myself inflated polythene bags whose use is banned by government