You know your

Economics lecturer is dumb when:

1. She thinks inflation is good for the country

2. She calls 'Poverty Reduction Programs' as 'Poverty Development Programs'

3. Her idea of 'sustainability' is when 'i scold you today and i scold you tomorrow also. That is sustained development'

4. When all your doubts have only one answer 'i'll find out and tell you tomorrow ma'. But tomorrow never comes!

5. When she explains seasonal unemployment as 'unemployment in different seasons'

6. She starts lecturing about contraceptives to control population while talking about population explosion

7. She doesn't know the difference between liquid and liquidity

8. When you ask her for the important questions she says 'how should i know ma? am i setting the paper?' (hello!)

9. She runs out of the class in rage when the class starts arguing about her lame statements.

10. She reads this post and doesn't realise its HER!

Confessions of an absent minded protagonist

Uhh.... why am i writing this post again? :)

You know that

Exams are around the corner when:

1. You rummage through a heaped up mess in your room to find lost pages of your textbook (if u even have one that is!)

2. you suddenly want to be friends with the most studious girl/guy in class

3. you drink tea/coffee four times a day to keep yourself awake

4. when the clock strikes 10 p.m u start feeling sleepy, surprisingly!

5. the pages of your text book are full of doodles (means u've been to those pages!)

6. you look at your parents watching TV and wish you were them!

7. you shut all the windows in your room so that you don't hear children playing outside

8. one peep into your notes and you start YAWNING

9. it takes 10 minutes to sink one line into your head

10. you are always on time for meals!

11. you take a 2 hour break for one hour of studying

12. you pretend to be sick and later feel guilty!

13. you find stationary shopping a much needed break

14. you take the pain to read this crappy post! :)

You know you....

Have a Writer's Block when:

1. You have starting trouble with any sentence you write.

2. People have trouble explaining how bad your articles are that they actually take trouble finding a nicer word in the dictionary

3. friends stop asking you to write love letters for them

4. You rhyme pen with hen

5. you write random sentences and proudly call yourself an accomplished poet (but deep inside envy your earlier poems)

6. your murder story becomes the 'murdered' story

7. you sit prepared to write an essay and five minutes later you pick up the phone and dial your best friends number, never to think about the essay again!

8. you find a pool of crumpled paper around you and you realize you haven't even started

9. your pen stops writing when you start thinking...

10. you're writing a post on your blog similar to this one!!!