Perils of the Scarlet Pimple

(In pic: a 21 g.. that is good bus.. very frequent... not a pimple pain :P )

What do you do when you have to travel at 7 in the morning everyday to a place that is 40 minutes away and the only bus that can take you there is an elusive old wuss? (Disclaimer: Children, please don't show this post to your parents or you'll be barred from further communication with me :P ).

5C has been a part of my life for the last 3 years. Actually, i ve wanted it to be an integral part of my life (it is the only bleddy bus that goes from mount road to taramani in one stretch) but it has evaded me and shown severel signs of disinterest in my proposal. The damn bus is so elusive, i've decided to call it The Scarlet Pimple (coz calling it Pimpernal would be an insult to the real Percy Blakeney and the bus is a pain.. like a burst pimple! Hence, the reference).

The last two days of waiting for the bus have been particularly frustrating and it is soooo evident that the bus hates me! :(

Day 1

7 : 15 - Idly (my friend who will hence be called this as she loves idlis and her names rhymes with it) and I were at the bus stop waiting for 5 c

7: 20 - Still waiting

7: 25 - Still waiting

7: 30 - Still waiting (at this point i sit and slightly doze off)

7:35 - Running late.. still waiting

7:38 - Fed up. Idly and i catch an auto to the MRTS station.

7:40 - At the junction, a 5 five minute walk from the bus stop we just ditched, we prepare to turn just as we catch a glimpse of the elusive pimple. We call an emergency rush and ask the auto wallah to 'rush forward in full speed to 5 c's next stop'.

7: 45 - We are at the next stop

7: 48 - We realise we missed the bus and catch another auto to the train station mumbling curse words.

Day 2

7:20 - Idly and i walking towards bus stop and spot 5 c just stopping.

7: 21 - Run frantically towards the stop, signalling with hands and feet and whatever we else we could do

7:22 - The bus goes past us and the driver sneers, not stopping to give 2 poor children a lift.

7:23 - "Ass, bleddy dog, stupid bus.. i pray you have a breakdown and whichever stop u stop at noone wil get on and everyone will signal u to stop in the middle of the road and then show u middle finger when u stop", Idly mumbles

7:25 - We wait

7: 30 - Waiting

7:35 - Waiting

7:37 - "I don't think we'll get another one so soon. Let's walk to the junction and take a bus to the train station. Will save us time and we wont waste money like yest"

7:40 - We at the junction.

7:40 and 35 seconds (i think) - We turn and see 5 c AGAIN goin towards the stop.

7: 41 - "STTOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPP" we yell, running towards the stop in full speed, trying to race the bus to the stop.

7:42 - Bus reaches stop before us. We run. People watch. We still run.

7:43 - We step on the bus and it takes off.

7:44 - "I think we just woke up alot of ppl on the that road", idly says. "We should've yelled good morning instead", i comment.

7:55 - Bus picks up girl from the middle of the road. "See this guy is nice. I hope that fellow has a breakdown and has to stay there for hours", Idly curses again.

7:58 - "Write blog post on this. Everyone needs to know how much we suffer", idly says, adding "And put my quotes in it"

9 pm - I oblige.


Venky said...

Scarlet pimpernel is one of favs, definitely not scarlet, luckily i need not deal with this is stuff, as i travel by train. No scars of pimple on me, pretty much on time

Nid said...

ahhh...bloody tomo it doesn come no . . ill .. ill . . arghhhh . . dam u 5 c !!

MultiMenon said...

hehe..nice read as usual eli.. [:P] we crib,we curse,we bitch but still,we heart the MTC in any form..such a blessing u kno?? :)

The bus wallah din stop and ask him,he ll have reasons..Musta thought u two are sum charlie's angels kind,trying to do acrobatic stuff to stop the vehicle.. :)

Taker care... :) am going bak after hols.. :(((


Swetha said...

i had been coming like tis for the past 3 yrs!! n 2 days u talk so much?? :x :x huffff

Thoorika said...

Tell tat idli tat am very cross with her !!!!

Arv said...

its obvious that you are missing the bus that comes between 7 & 715... check the bus timing or settle for MRTS which is reliable and less crowded at that time :P

amit said...

Sorry, but I can't relate to you. My last memory of travelling by a bus which comes late has faded into oblivion. :P

ABHISHEK SiM said...

bledy 5 C. bad. very bad.

Anonymous said...

I thought you costly girls didn't use the BUS :D

Sindhiya said...

Ha ha... Bless my faithful 21 G.. wats more?? You also have A/C ones.. hehe.. And i always always spot atleast two 5Cs on that route..

Fallen Angel said...

I love Notebook too ! :-)
pleasant read.

Anonymous said...

hey dat was hilarious ...u gals come up wid some really imaginayive curses

Anonymous said...

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