Investment and father p

Father P walks into room and sees my haircut

FP: Wow.. makeover eh? How much did you blow?

Me: 700

FP: For this? I knew a 1000 rs note was missing from my purse this morning. Sigh.. whatever for? Trying to impress someone?

Me: Yeah. Trying to get a boyfriend

FP: Then my money didn't go in vain. Catch one soon. *pats my back* All the best.

Me: Money didn't go in vain??

FP: It's an investment. If i invest 1000 now i save many thousands later. Coz if you get committed that poor soul will spend and i can save some cash atlast. Yay!

Me: New age dad eh?

FP: Nahh.. just a smart one.. :P


Arv said...

my vote on this one, goes to Dad :P

The abstract scientist said...

huh man, how many times do I write the same comment. Your dad is a super dooper star.

swetha said...

ur dad rocks!! hi5 to ur dad :P ;)

Anonymous said...

it is obvious, you'll probably not win ur dad :(

Venky said...

mokkaa who is that poor soul? paavam

Rakesh Vanamali said...

As always, Father P rocks!!!!!

MultiMenon said...

Paavam da,antha poor soul..!! :((( am already plannng to donate half of my fortunes to his family..Afterall,girlfriends are high maintenance as someone said to me.. :D

I wanna meet Father P.. :D


Phoenix said...



Iyshwarya said...

U got a new haircut????????????? Woweeee!!! :) :)

Arc said...

New haircut?????Cool:):) Curls?;P

Dayavu seidhu oru payyanoda vazhkaya waste pannidadha:P

Sindhiya said...

see there is a prob... guys these days are becoming very calculative and hint tat the gals must also pay their share. so warn Daddy P tat he may nt be one o' those lucky dads after all

Thoorika said...

You are not gonna get one so easily.. vara onnum illa.. your dad knows tat .. so oly sucha reply :P

amit said...

Well, you can have the last laugh. Just ask the guy to take a lot of dowry from father P. ;)

BloggerMouth said...

So you got a haircut huh? Say, who are you and what have you done to Anusha Parthasarathy? And your father has a point. Now I know why my family has never had any objections to me having a boyfriend.

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