World's best daughter

Father P and I this morning just as i was shoving down food in a hurry to catch the train to college.

Father P: How's the food, edible?

Me: Dad, you be the best in the world except when you bug me

Father P: When is that?

Me: 90% of the time

Father P: Oh. You be the best daughter in the world even when you bug me.

Me: *smugly and tad sentily* ha! How often is that?

Father P: All the time!

The memory

Father P is a practical man. Extremely methodical to the point of being obsessive compulsive and i am the exact opposite. So everyday he tries to tell me to fill water without spilling a lake of water. He walks to me as i fill yesterday and does a hip shake and says "Don't spill water".

Continues to shake hip til he reaches chair.

I am speechless.

"Why did u just do that?"

"For effect. You'll fill prop from tomorrow", he says

"How is that an effect? and how would that make me do it properly?" I am genuinely puzzled

"Well... you'll never forget that dance. And u'd do it properly coz u never want to see it again"